EA – Electronic Arts – History of the Game Maker

The game producer Electronic Arts was founded in 1982 by entrepreneur Trip Hawkins, with an investment of U.S. $ 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand U.S. dollars). In the early years the company followed to the letter this unique philosophy, releasing titles are considered classics today, such as MULE, The Bard’s Tale, Populous, The Immortal and Skate or Die!.In 2009 there was a rumor that Apple wants to takeover EA but the rumor was dismissed by analyst.

Basically, EA has functioned as a seal for the talents of creation: their names were placed on advertising and packaging of the games had the square shape of music albums.

Over twenty years later, the picture is quite different. With several successes in the curriculum, bold strategies of licensing and acquiring talented studios, EA published and earned $ 2.97 billion in 2004. But recent events have altered the public perception and the market about the company. Ironically, there is talk today about the corporate decisions of EA than that of the ideas that founded it. In late 2004, there was a strategic move more daring: at one time, EA has acquired 20% of rival Ubisoft, automatically became its largest individual shareholder. In the last week of February 2005, the press reported an even greater control over the studio, famous for hits like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed.

And the major – and controversial – investments do not stop there. Electronic Arts also signed exclusive contracts for five and fifteen years respectively, with the National Football League (NFL) football league, and ESPN network television about sports. This means that from now on, the only game with the NFL brand franchise is signed by John Madden – EA.

EA told reporters that: “Our biggest competitors are the very consumers who expect that every year the game is better. Just as the leagues and players, EA has a responsibility to provide fans with a quality experience so they fall into a new season of fun, “says Bertrand Caudron, General Manager of Electronic Arts in Latin America. To illustrate, Bertrand cites another case involving licensing, “Electronic Arts already has an exclusive license with FIFA, and even then, there is strong competition in football games. We know that we must continue to innovate to bring the best experience for our consumers “. In fact, the competition of the FIFA franchise with Winning Eleven series, Konami is one of the most intense, especially in Japan and Europe.
[Edit] New sample sales

The new way of Electronic Arts is selling its products through Internet downloads. Because of this, EA is charging a fee of $ 9.90 for those who want to make this type of download. are selling virtually the games Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Battlefield 2: Euro Force and The Sims 2: Holiday Edition.

Expansions like Battlefield 2: Special Forces can either be downloaded by download at as being purchased in conventional stores that sell videogames. The second expansion of Battlefield 2, the title Battlefield 2: Euro Force will not be on sale at conventional stores, and will, instead, sold via download (estimated price: U.S. $ 9.99).

The type of selling EA games mentioned above, as downloads will be the new tactic for sales of Electronic Arts. For now, all is for sale games Battlefield 2: Special Forces and Battlefield 2: Euro Force.
[Edit] Formula infallible?

No company in the gaming industry has never had a failure, and EA is no exception. Sky Fox, one of his first games, was a failure according to international journals. But this is already more than 10 years. And successes such as FIFA, Battlefield and Command & Conquer made her forget the failure.



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