Dell – Direct Sales History

Michael Dell founded the company in 1984 while still a student at the University of Texas, USA. With only a thousand dollars, the company was founded under the name PC’s Limited. From his bedroom, Dell began assembling computers built from components in stock.

In 1985, the company builds its first computer with its own design, the Turbo PC, which contained Intel 8088 with a speed of 8MHz. Dell then placed advertisements in computer magazines for sale directly to U.S. consumers, and the ability of consumers to choose their setting. With this, the final price of computers was more competitive and more convenient way of buying. With the success of the company, Michael Dell dropped out to run your business full time. In its first year, the company had $ 6 million gross of entry.

In 1987, PC’s Limited also started operating in the UK. Over the next four years, 11 other countries were also achieved. In 1988, the company adopts the name of Dell and its entries increase from $ 130 million to $ 180 million in the first day of public offering of its shares.

In 1990, Dell tried to sell their products indirectly through supermarkets and computer stores, but success was very shy and turned his company focus on its successful direct sales model to consumers. In 1992, Fortune magazine included Dell Computer Corporations in its list of top 500 companies in the world. In 1999, the company overtook Compaq to become the largest seller of PCs in the United States. From 2004 the company expanded its products for multimedia and entertainment with the launch of televisions, handhelds and digital jukeboxes. In late 2004, the company announced the construction of a new factory in the U.S. state of North Carolina.

In February 2005 Dell appeared in first place in the ranking of “Most Admired Companies” published by Fortune magazine.
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