Death of the The Flock browser

Last January, the browser was purchased by the company Zynga – who created the popular game Farmville on Facebook. Zynga would actually take ownership of Flock workers and had never indicated a desire to keep the browser alive.

At one time, Flock was innovated by offering internet users to link their Facebook account, MySpace or YouTube to their browser and investors will have invested more than $ 15 million. In 2008, he earned an award for Webby Awards.

According to the TechCrunch site, at the height of its popularity , it was up to ten million users.

Flock is now recommending users to switch to Firefox or Chrome browsers. It does not slip but word of Rockmelt browser. Launched last December, it fills substantially the same functions as Flock, or surf the web while keeping an eye on their social networks. As was the case for Flock is built on the platform of Google Chromium.

Flock Browser

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