The Daily News Building in New York – What You Did Not Know

The Daily News Building, also referred to as The News Building, is one of the tallest buildings in New York and since 1930; this impressive structure has amazed its visitors for more than 80 years. Moreover, it is the home of the Daily Mail, a newspaper with the highest number of sales in the world, as well as offices for many other companies.


The construction of the Daily News Building started back in 1929 and was finished a year later in 1930, but an interesting fact is that the same person who ran the newspaper in those times, Joseph Patterson, a former journalist and publisher became the proud new owner of the building. Patterson chose the reputable architect Raymond Hood to create this exceptional, towering structure for his beloved newspaper. Hood had previously designed the Chicago Tribune Building and it was widely expected that he would do another outstanding job with this project.

Design Features

The final result amazed everybody and this famous Art-Deco building, which stands no less than 145 meters tall, was and still is one of the iconic symbols of New York City. The Big Apple is filled with many skyscrapers, but the Daily News Building is truly different in every way. For starters the building features a unique “strip style” layout for the windows which have been oriented vertically and perfectly color coded with the red bricks. The use of bricks is also something that makes the Daily News Building stand apart because during the 1930’s the trend for constructing skyscrapers was to use limestone, but Hood opted for red brick which gives the unusual pattern that you see today.

In addition to its use of non-conventional materials, Raymond Hood paid close attention to even the smallest details. For example, the window stripes are tastefully decorated with spandrels that lead to the top of the building, and then they’re divided by a pier.  Also, the top of the building does not have a spire, as many would have expected, but instead it is flat, which was very usual during those times. Still, it became a source of inspiration for many other constructions that were built based on the Daily News Building’s design.

The building itself can easily be characterized by its colorful distinctive Art-Deco style, but this is most obvious at the main entrance. It features a very beautiful motif that is 3 storeys high and shows an image of office workers underneath a sunburst. On entering the building visitors are struck by the fact that the base of the structure is wider than the top of the tenth storey, thanks to the narrowing of the building as it sores into the Manhattan skyline, which has created a wonderful view from the ground floor, as well as the top.

Post Times

In 1950 the structure and appearance of the building underwent some alterations and the architects, Abramowitz and Harrison, were brought in to implement several modifications. A new wing was added and the printing plant was updated as well as modernized. A few years later, the newspaper that gave the building its name moved out and become the main office for various other publications and companies. Today it is mostly known as the News Building.

Last, but not least and my personal favorite feature about this imposing structure the huge globe that dominates the lobby area. Over time, the globe has become an attraction in itself both for the News Building and the city of New York. It is constantly rotating and features a detailed map that can be used if necessary.

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