Coca-Cola Promoted Trend

In just 24 hours, Coca-Cola’s first Promoted Trend garnered 86 million impressions and an engagement rate of 6%, according to the company’s Global Interactive Marketing Vice President Carol Kruse in an interview with The Financial Times.

Following in the footsteps of Disney/Pixar, Coca-Cola is the second company to reach Twitter (Twitter) audiences by advertising as a Trending Topic on Twitter.

The cost for this particular Twitter ad buy is said to be tens of thousands of dollars, but Kruse indicated that the expense was small relative to other ad buys and that Coke is pretty pleased with its initial Promoted Trends experiment.

The company choose to run with its Promoted Trend campaign during Wednesday’s World Cup matches, a peak time for Twitter activity. The decision was a risky bet that could have yielded mixed results due to Twitter’s inability to keep the service up during World Cup online hysteria. Fortunately for Coke, its risky decision paid off.

Coke listed Promoted Tweets atop the Trending Topic search results for the sponsored #WC2010 Promoted Trend that “congratulated the England and US teams, linked to videos on YouTube (YouTube) and invited people to ’share their celebration’ of their teams’ success.”

Given that the soda-making giant has gone on record with its Promoted Trends results, we definitely expect to see even more big brands follow suit.



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