China: A teenage boy sells his kidney to buy a iPad2

“I wanted to buy a iPad2, but I had no money.” Thus, “Zheng”, a young Chinese man of 17, defended his decision to sell a kidney.

According to the Telegraph , the teenager told his mother and the local media have seen an advertisement on the Internet for organ donation. With money to the key: 20,000 yuan (2,123 euros). The young man then drove into the city of Chenzhou in Hunan province, and was admitted to hospital. It was found three days later, a kidney and less.


Back at home – in Shenzhen in southern Guangdong province – Zheng suffered complications from surgery and told everything to his mother.

Advertising the sale of organs on the Internet is common in China, said the Telegraph, although the country’s authorities try to curb this practice.

According to official figures, more than one million Chinese need transplants each year but only 10,000 of them receive an organ.

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