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How many of english monarchs are named elizabeth?

How many of english monarchs are named elizabeth?


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india's premier Bollywood portal that provides bollywood news, celebrity news, new hindi movie releases












India’s premier Bollywood portal that provides bollywood news, celebrity news, new hindi movie releases




He was one of the pleasant surprises on the sidelines of curtain orchestrated – subdued – the iPhone 5. Always expected to turn, iTunes 11 is late for appointments digital music.

“The brand of the Apple”, although it had officially recorded its release in late October, seems to have its reasons. She obviously wants to take his time to carry out its policy of redefining the user experience.

In the background, the spectrum of Plans. This mapping tool, favorite Google Maps in iOS 6, sparked an outcry for its many inconsistencies. Apple does not reproduce the same mistake twice.

And for good reason: the ambitions abound after 9 years of operation of iTunes, including interactive jukebox catalog increased to 26 million shares, generated 20 billion in sales.

This new version will include optimized integration of Facebook (with the possibility of “love” and share favorites) and strengthened linkages vis-à-vis iCloud, requested parameter to store personal and historical plays.

Rapprochement with the sphere of mobile is undeniable, even beyond continuity in the cloud introduces user experience.

Illustration with the image put forward at the expense of the text. The listings and favorite songs are the avatars of artists and albums covers.

In this line, iTunes 11 removes the scrollbar to adopt an interface type “edge to edge”, enriched with a carousel and a grid that displays more however, by default, a quick overview of the content of the albums .

Apple promotes more logical layout, but also the user experience, with first a mini player whose skin is adapted to occupy less space on the screen while simplifying the control of reading.

Another additional feature: the configuration of a loop playback of several pieces can be made without going through a playlist or DJ function.

Although not included in the official agenda, the integration of a search engine based on Spotlight is not excluded.

Exploring MSN: What Social Media Tools are Out There?

MSN, originally known as The Microsoft Network, is Microsoft’s portal to the Internet. It is always a gateway to Microsoft’s sites and service. Many users think of it as mainly a news and search site, but MSN offers some popular social media tools as well.


If you click the link that says “Messenger” at the top of the page, it takes you to the Windows Essentials page, which contains many useful and fun programs. Messenger is just what it says, an instant messaging program like Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Messenger allows you to chat in real-time with your friends on the MSN network.

Windows Live Photo Gallery & Windows Live Movie Maker

Even though it may not seem like a social media tool per se, Microsoft’s Photo Gallery application for editing photos has very robust social media sharing features. There are options to publish to Facebook, Flickr and more. Windows Live Movie Maker is a program for video editing and also offers social networking options like sharing to Facebook, YouTube and other sites. There are links to download both programs on the Windows Essentials page.


The MSN portal connects to several new blogs that cover subjects such as news, entertainment, sports, money and more. Visitors can share articles they find interesting via Facebook and Twitter. Most blogs also have the options to email stories and subscribe via RSS feed as well. Social media sharing plays a huge role in how MSN determines which stories are the most popular.


You can connect MSN with your Messenger, Facebook and/or Twitter contacts and see your feeds without even leaving MSN’s homepage. This feature is awkward to use though because the feed is limited to a tiny box and it seems to randomly pick which friends or followers it chooses to display information from. The feature would be a lot more useful if it was targeted towards what you friends are reading on MSN instead of just randomly pulling your feed information.


Last, but not least, MSN offers a convenient button at the top of the page that allows you to follow MSN on Twitter. If you’re a big fan of MSN’s news stories, you can go to their Twitter page and get constant updates on their latest trending topics.

Considering the size of Microsoft’s organization and their massive customer base, it is surprising that doesn’t have more social medial features. A forum or discussion board would be a welcome addition to the MSN portal, but neither of these features exists there. I believe Microsoft’s primary goal is to keep primarily an information portal to keep most of their social media offerings on other Microsoft websites.

About the Author: Ming Esteve loves studying social media sites and companies. When she’s not working, you can find her looking for new Facebook emoticons and music videos.

Steve Jobs Dead

All Peers – Much Hyped

AllPeers extension was a freeware, closed source for Mozilla Firefox. The extension allowed to build a social network and share files using the P2P model. He used the style of communication darknet peer-to-peer, the files and information sharing among users were only available to users who are in their access lists – its’ private network of trust. “AllPeers beta version was released on August 24, 2006, and in March 2008, through a statement on its official blog, the creators of this application said they deactivated the service due to low subscriber growth was below what investors expected.

Worked in the Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac OS X, once downloaded, it became a toolbar in Firefox.

Even though it is proprietary software, using open source technology BitTorrent. the extension does not require opening any ports. AllPeers encrypts your communication using standard protocols such as SSL to protect the user from listening to third parties. [2] In the initial launch of the beta AllPeers had 200,000 lines of C + + code and JavaScript.

This application was also to allow instant messaging with people you are sharing files.


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Banco de Chile – History

This is a part of the series history of companies.
Acquisitions and mergers

In December 2000, the Luksic Group takes control of the bank, to acquire 51% ownership, which paid $ 541 million.

In 2002 it acquired Banco de A. Edwards became the second largest bank. The company decided to maintain the image and personality of the acquired bank, but under the name of Banco Edwards. The merger had been approved overwhelmingly by shareholders of the bank purchased a few months earlier, in December 2001.

In late 2006, Quiñenco, controller of Banco de Chile, acknowledged talks with Citigroup North American group that would result in a possible strategic partnership in banking and financial.
[Edit] Merger Banco de Chile – Chile Citibank

In mid-2007, remembers the merger between Banco de Chile and Citibank Chile. This operation joins the Second Bank of Chile, part of the conglomerate Quiñenco, with Citibank Chile, the U.S. group Citigroup.

With the merger, it will lead to improvements and business synergies, enhancing the competitiveness of the new bank. Among the immediate results will be achieved a stake in the Chilean financial market of 20.08% as loans and 21.11% in the consumer goods segment. You can expand the branch network in Chile and abroad.

As a result of the merger, the shareholders of Banco de Chile will have the 89.503% stake of the merged bank, while shareholders of Citibank Chile will have the 10.497%.

The merger was completed on January 1, 2008.

3D scene of iPhone App

Apple recently too much on iPhone.

Vodafone – A Tele History

This is the 14th article on the history of companies.

Telecel launched its business on 18 October 1992, available instantly to a public mobile communications service covering GSM and fully operational at the time, 57% of the territory and 83% of the national population. With the entry into operation of its mobile network, exactly one year after obtaining the license, it was established a world record as the fastest installation of a GSM network. In its provision of services, was the first Portuguese operator to explore the features of the Cell Broadcast.

In 2000, the Group bought Vodafone Telecel What made you change to the name Telecel Vodafone in January 2001 and finally Vodafone on 22 October of that year, but left a list of services that had the old carrier. From that date until mid-2007, used the slogan “How are you?” used worldwide, representing the presence of the multinational in Portugal and trying establish a close relationship with customers.

Began operating the 3G network on 12 February 2004 and June 2005, the network has served 72% of its population by more than 1,400 base stations covering 120 cities in mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions.

Vodafone provides roaming tariffs in highly accessible, clear and predictable, in which voice calls abroad in Vodafone networks and affiliate members, are the same price of calls in Portugal, plus a fixed fee per call. Its international calls (Portugal-International) are the cheapest on the market with lower prices for week-ends and holidays.

Vodafone was the second network operator to launch HSDPA and better known as 3.5 G (3. Generation and a half), the latter reaching speeds up to 7.2 Mbps in some areas of the country (Lisbon, Porto and Faro).

In June 2009, Vodafone announced the launch of new mobile broadband speed: 21.6 Mbps. The speed is limited to Lisbon and surrounding areas, and the Port, while the rest of the country speeds ranging between 1.8 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps.

On July 17, 2009, Vodafone has the public television service by the IPTV platform, Vodafone Casa TV, with about 100 channels and various interactive services.

The headquarters of Vodafone Portugal is located in the Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

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