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Twitter hacked: 250,000 affected accounts!

In the night from Friday to Saturday, Twitter announced on his blog that he had been the victim of an attack that has affected nearly 250,000 accounts. Users were hacked quickly contacted by the microblogging site by sending them an email indicating the procedure to reset their account. This is actually a precautionary measure because the passwords could not be directly recovered by the pirates. Bob Lord, director of security of Twitter, warns that hackers had access to “user accounts, email addresses, token sessions and versions encrypted passwords. ”
Without elaborating on the method used by hackers, Twitter says still “This attack is not the fruit of an amateur, and we do not believe that this was an isolated incident.” A sobering announcement coming just after the attempts of intrusion of hackers in the U.S. media (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN).
So if you receive an email that starts: “Hello. Twitter believes that your account has been compromised by a website or service not affiliated with Twitter. We’ve reset your password to prevent others from accessing your account ‘, quickly change your password with strong security. Be at least 10 characters include uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
A good sense seems to have more importance in these times of hacking which tends to generalize.
Writing 01net you will quickly become aware of any changes in this “attack” on Twitter.

Celebs Need to Stand Firm against Twitter Abuse

In recent years, the rise in popularity of social media sites has led to millions of people in countries all over the world using networks to interact with friends, family members and work colleagues on a daily basis. For most individuals, Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used pages, although there are other regional variations in some nations, such as VK in Russia and Qzone in China.

For the most part, social interaction is a pleasant experience that allows users to chat, share opinions, display photographs and generally let the world know what they are doing. There are major differences between the use of Facebook-type sites and Twitter-esque applications. In general, many of us mix purely with friends on the latter, while we tend to follow like-minded individuals and celebrities on the latter.

The problem for some major international stars, however, is that they can become the recipients of systematic abuse from the occasional individual, and in some cases this abuse takes on a truly shocking character. There have been several high profile instances of this online nastiness, and the sad fact is that it will rear its ugly head every once in a while in the coming months and years as well.

A gold medal for dignity

During the Olympic Games in 2012, Team GB’s diving superstar Tom Daley received a particularly vile missive that brought up the subject of his late father. And while the police managed to track down and speak to the person who sent it, the damage was already done. For the unfortunate athlete, the receipt of many thousands of positive messages from well-wishers did at least help to soften the blow.

There were calls on Twitter for the authorities to prosecute the offender, but in many ways it’s hard to imagine how a successful court case could have been mounted. It was offensive behaviour, of course, but a good defence lawyer would no doubt have claimed that Twitter is a public forum, and that the client was only expressing an opinion. It was a nasty one, obviously, but Britain is a country that values free speech highly, so it may have been impossible to find this particular Tweeter guilty in a court of law.

Several high profile celebrities have pledged to stop using Twitter in recent times, purely because of the occasional abuse they receive, and while it’s understandable for them to feel this way it would surely be a great shame if the offensive users win the day. The site allows stars to speak directly to their fans as and when they want, without the smokescreen of a PR company, so let’s hope they continue to focus on the tons of goodwill rather then the ounces of bad karma.

David Showell is a regular user of Twitter. When he’s not tweeting, he’s working for Compare Car Hire.

Delete twitter account with twitter for android?

How do I delete my twitter account with twitter for android?

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Using Twitter to Publish The Book

Jennifer Egan, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 (work of fiction) tweets every day continuously from 20h to 21h, from May 24, 8500 of a new word to the account of the New Yorker (@ NYerFiction). The experiment will continue until June 2, is not unanimous.

Several points are and debate. First, the book is already written, while Twitter was initially designed to exchange spontaneously. And when an editor wants to publish his text on the Internet, the easiest thing to use a link that allows the social network perfectly.
This initiative is a writer also recognized risk of encourger feathers without talent to publish their own literary heresies on Twitter in hopes of being noticed. Not to mention that if, as presumably, the lines of the book by Jennifer Egan is posted by a robot, they can be considered as spam.

It is also true that after its publication on the network, typically the work will be published in paper or digital format, making up the operation of advertising. But we must also consider that writing fits the medium: it not written in the same way for the web or in print, for a long format or short format …

What has he seems aware Jennifer Egan, who said he wrote his text to Twitter. This does not prevent the media to consider anything but adapted to his initiative, especially if it is to be released in digital formats and ebook readers, today, no longer miss.

Twitter – Who Owns Your Feed

The first lawsuit in the United States could settle the question of who owns a Twitter feed written by an employee of a company.

The blogger Noah Kravitz, who was to work to test new products for the company PhoneDog between 2006 and 2010, is now pursued by his former employer.

According to the text of the complaint, filed in July in federal court in California, when Mr. Kravitz has “suddenly resigned” in October 2010, his employer asked him to give up his Twitter account, titled @ PhoneDog_Noah, which was followed by 17,000 Internet users.

Mr. Kravitz refused to do so, simply change the title of the thread, just now @ noahkravitz. And since then he has been hired by a competitor, TechnoBuffalo, and uses its Twitter feed “to denigrate PhoneDog.”

PhoneDog is seeking $ 340,000 in damages, based on a value of $ 2.50 per user according to his wire, or 42,500 dollars a month for eight months.

Quoted Thursday by the New York Times, Mr. Kravitz testified that he had left PhoneDog on good terms, and with the consent of the company for it “‘tweets’ in the name (of society) from time to time “.

Yet he found the target of legal proceedings eight months later, he interpreted as a maneuver of reprisals after he claimed 15% of gross advertising revenue PhoneDog.

For its part PhoneDog defended himself in a statement released by the newspaper: “The costs and resources invested by PhoneDog Media to advance its reputation and its number of subscribers in social media are important, PhoneDog Media considers them his property “.

“We intend to act decisively to protect our client lists and confidential information, as well as our intellectual property and brands,” added the company.

A lawyer intellectual property issues, Henry Cittone, argued that the case would “set a precedent in the online world in terms of ownership of accounts on social media.”

“Many of our customers are concerned about issues of ownership of accounts on social media,” said Cittone, also quoted by The New York Times.

Sean Parker On Twitter

Sean Parker the Facebook president join twitter and writes a apology tweet(below).


Twitter in Ireland Too

The U.S. site Twitter microblogging will establish one of its international headquarters in Ireland, announced Tuesday the authorities of the island, which attracts many multinational companies with lower taxes on businesses.

“Ireland is popular. Twitter will establish an international headquarters in Dublin,” said the Irish Agency for Industrial Development … in a tweet.

The American group, which has offices in London and Tokyo, is looking to expand outside the United States.

“This is a great victory” and “confirms our status as European Capital of the Internet”, welcomed the Irish Minister for Employment, Richard Bruton.

Many groups of high technology or computer – Dell, Facebook, Google, Intel or Microsoft – have already established in Ireland where the corporate tax rate is only 12.5%, one of the lowest in Europe.

The Irish Government has consistently refused to increase this rate, despite pressure from other European countries and a severe economic and fiscal crisis.

Ireland has benefited from an aid package of 85 billion euros concluded there is almost a year with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help fill a deficit caused abyssal by the sinking of its banking sector.

Sign that the situation has since improved, Ireland in the second quarter growth of 1.6%, confirming the rebound of the economy.

The Julpan Letter

Julpan acquired by twitter.





Twitter buys Julpan, specializing in Internet search

The young Julpan company, founded by former Google, announced Wednesday its acquisition for an undisclosed sum by the microblogging site Twitter.

“I am very proud to announce that Julpan was acquired by Twitter,” said the founder of Ori Allon, who had worked on the search engine Google.

“We founded Julpan there is more than a year. Since then we have created a (…) search technology that analyzes network activity on the web to provide users with content fresh and relevant,” at he said on the website of his company.

According to the news site TechCrunch specialist, Mr. Allon, then a doctoral student in Australia, was sold in 2006 to a Google search algorithm called Orion that is still used today by the California Internet giant. Mr Allon was also hired by Google.

Twitter App : Real People in Real Time

REAL PEOPLE IN REAL TIME! 2011-09-19 10-29-54Find Real People on twitter.

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