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Kodak sells its patents for $ 525 million

The fallen giant of photography Kodak announced Wednesday have found buyers for 1100 patents that the company was trying to sell for several months and it will eventually withdraw 525 million dollars (396 million euros). The portfolio will return to a consortium led by two company s expertise in the management of patents, RPX Corporation and Intellectual Ventures .
But a document sent separately to the court lists a series of major players in the technology sector which both companies will grant licenses in exchange for a portion of the money promised to Kodak. Are cited Amazon , Apple , Facebook , Fujifilm, Google , Microsoft or the manufacturers of phones RIM ( BlackBerry ), Samsung and HTC. The Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei, which comes into force in telephony, is also in the race.


The auction for sale of these patents related to the capture, storage and analysis of digital images were originally s’ completed in August, before the company continues after the tenders deemed disappointing . Kodak originally hoped to collect $ 2.6 billion (1.9 billion euros), or four times the amount obtained. The group finally decided to bring prospective buyers into a single consortium, benefiting to put an end to disputes with some of the companies concerned.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy on January 19, victim after 131 years of existence of the delay in the digital world. He plays his survival with a heavy restructuring through the sale or abandonment of a whole series of activities and job cuts. The sale of its patents for at least $ 500 million was a condition imposed in mid-November for him by his creditors grant new loans expected to facilitate its exit from bankruptcy in the first half of 2013.

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15 Photo Editing Services That Click

The idea of online photo editing is rocking since many one time users prefer doing photo editing on the internet instead of downloading the software since the services have gathered a mass even Google took interest in it and acquired picnik.

We have listed below 15 of  the best photo editing services:

  1. FunPhotoBox is photo editing with fun attached to it.Easy to use and good clean animations can be added to your photos.
  2. Picnik -The most powerful photo edit which was bought buy Google recently.
  3. Dumpr is the photo editing tool which brings awesome visual effects to the mass, with the simplicity of a single mouse click.
  4. BigHugeLabs - Photo editing without any knowledge of professional photo editing programs.
  5. Jpgfun is an easy photo editing online service to edit Your photos.Photos can be improved a lot.
  6. photovisi – Photo editing which  makes creation photo collages and easy task.
  7. PhotoFunia a photo editing tool with face recognition technology.
  8. Pizap – Photo editing tool that enables you to create wacky images.
  9. Blingee – Sometimes you do not want complex photo editing but a simple framing of the image is enough well bligee is for that.
  10. Snishot – With Snipshot easy to edit interface photo editing it easy to make photos stand out.It has its own photo editing API as well.
  11. Splashup – Photo editing with photo manager as well.
  12. Pixenate – The photo editor of choice for photo printing and photo sharing businesses.
  13. Pixlr – With pixlr do photo editing,photo grabbing and photo hosting all in one.
  14. FotoFlexer – Photo editing with a strong API support provides a simple interface for external websites to harness the power of FotoFlexer.
  15. Picture2Life allows you to easily Edit, Collage, Animate and then Share your pictures online with the entire world.

Comment below if you like or use photo editing service other than the mentioned above.

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