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Where can i read teenage books online for free

There are many websites that offer books that can be read online for free. Some sites offer downloadable books; on other sites, books can be read directly online. The most well-known online book site in the United States, is A link to their free teen book section will be listed with other sources at the end of this article.

You may need an e-reader, such as Barnes & Nobles’ Nook, or Amazon’s Kindle, to read these books. However, many sites now offer applications (apps) for use on your computer, tablet, netbook, smartphone and other internet-capable devices.

Additionally, many local libraries now offer an online library that registered users may access anytime. This will save you a trip to the city library and the weight of carrying borrowed books as well as possible late fees.

  1. -Website offered by the Library of Congress
  2. -Highly recommended website
  3. -Website managed by book publisher Simon and Schuster
  4. -Organized website with a wide variety of genres
  5. -Alphabetical list of books, with links to read them on other websites.
  6. -Books on this site are available to download in many formats.
  7. -A nicely arranged website with many categories and thousands of books. Options to change font, background and more for easier reading.
  8. -This is Amazon’s site, with a search of Young Adult Kindle E-Books, resulting in over 26,000 books, not all of which are free.
  9. -Books can be viewed on iphone, android, Kindle and MP3 players.
  10. -179 pages of book titles to choose from
  11. -Over 2000 books to choose from, with 20 categories to narrow your search.

All of these sites have many classics and new authors. Some sites, such as, will have certain books for free for a while, then a new selection of free books with the others possibly being listed with a price. Some allow you to preview the first few pages or a chapter, while others give a brief overview of the story. Many also have links to even more websites that have books for free. Once you get started using the above listed book sites, you will find more books than you might ever get to read!

Where Can I Read Books Online ?

Due to copyright concerns it can be difficult to find free books online, however, there are several solutions to that problem, I’ll write about a few of them here along with some options for buying e-books online.

Project Gutenberg An archive of public domain books, they have more than 42,000 titles from every subject you can think of. They are not only free to read books, but being in the public domain you are free to use them in any way you want, from rewriting the story with the same characters to republishing them with or without modification. Take for example the original story of Tarzan, as many of the books were published before 1921, the most recent public domain cut off date, you can use the books and the character in your own stories. Note: Tarzan, the name itself is trademarked to prevent this, so you might change the name to Zantar or Tublat Zan, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original names for the famous loin clothed ape-man.

Google Books is another option, with a massive collection of books that includes some books that are in the legal grey area of copyright, books that might be protected but the owner of the copyright cannot be determined. Google Books also offers previews of currently available books, much like Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. Their collection of educational texts is unrivaled and Google Books has the largest collection of books, in at least an abbreviated form, allowing users to make informed purchases.

Amazon is another option, with their free previews of books they sell, as well as their huge Kindle marketplace where you can buy everything from the latest best sellers to obscure independently published works. Prices range from $.99 to $5.99 for the indie press and higher for big name book or bestsellers.

Kobo is one of the most popular sites next to Amazon, and they offer the opportunity to read books on many different e-book devices and operating systems. They boast over a million free books on their site and have both indie and mainstream press offerings. They are an international website with localized services in dozens of countries where amazon and others only serve certain regions and languages.

Smashwords is another large book retailer that focuses specifically on independent publishers and authors trying to get their stories out to the world. They have partnered with many different e-book readers including Aldiko, a popular software for the Android operating system that incorporates the Smashwords library directly through their shopping cart. A great option to buy and read books on the fly.

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Facebook: Your message to Mark Zuckerberg charged $ 100

Would you be willing to pay $ 100 to talk to Mark Zuckerberg ? Responses should be mainly ” non “. Mashable has revealed the new option available on Facebook, the information was then taken over by large media groups like the Wall Street Journal or the Guardian. The social network is about to a series of tests, it tries to define the appropriate rate to limit spam. This argument was echoed by a spokesman for Facebook, and ” some extreme prices “are tested” to see what works . ”

If you are not a friend of Mark Zuckerberg, your message will be charged $ 100, but you do not have the certainty that the Facebook founder will read it. Last month, the network had already expressed payment messages. They could also be sent to a person even if both contacts are not in the friends list.
Users tend to accept a tax of one dollar, but some people like to contact Mark Zuckerberg, you must exit the portfolio, because the amount could rise. This mode and allow the stars will not be flooded with messages. With a price of $ 100, the amount of spam should probably decrease. Facebook must also take into account numerous criteria to determine the appropriate rate. Thus, communication profile, the number of friends and queries per month would influence the amount.

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Not sure Make Your boss Friend on Facebook?

“A leader is made ​​to Cheffer.” This quote, taken from an interview given by Jacques Chirac in Figaro Magazine in June 1992, is pinned on the wall of the World . Employees provided they displace the idea of being friends with their superiors on Facebook ?

According to a survey conducted by Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project in 2010 in the United States, 56% of Americans believe that “it is irresponsible to be friends with the boss, while 62% say that being a friend of an employee is a Blame not commit ” . Two years later, in 2012, the 18-25 age group would be 80% to limit access to their profile only to their virtual friends, according to a survey of 4,400 young people in 11 countries by the software publisher Safety AVG Technologies .
If one in four in the world is friends with his boss on the network social , the French are, in turn, more reluctant to “accept” . In the countries studied, it was in France that this rate is the lowest. Already that “parents on Facebook is sucks!” , claim the age of 20 ( ).

13% of respondents recognized by AVG have already posted “abusive content” on their Facebook wall, to their supervisor or their company after “a bad day at work” . Responsible for security in AVG, “it seems clear that post such content on his boss or his place of work is not very wise and this behavior may not only affect the current career of the person but also have a negative impact its future opportunities ” .

What to do if my boss wants to be my friend? “Do you refuse linking and risk of being unpopular, or must you accept the risk of exposing your personal life? ” Nothing requires an employee to palling around with hierarchy, the site reminds

Amazon: service ‘Autorip’ latest in date

Amazon announced on Thursday the launch of Autorip, a new service offering its customers the opportunity to enjoy free mp3 versions of the CD they purchased on the site. The service is retroactive and should allow users to enjoy automatically, from their platform Cloud Player, mp3 versions of all the albums they have purchased on Amazon since the opening of the store’s music group, that is to say since 1998. Currently, this are over 50,000 references that are available under the offer Autorip, starting by ‘bestselling’ tempering ’21 ‘Adele or classics like’ Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd and?? Thriller?? Michael Jackson. This database is expected to swell considerably, Amazon promises in a statement. Autorip is the latest project of the offensive launched by Amazon in the field of digital music in recent months, which has involved an increase in its digital disco available now composed of approximately 21 million shares. Copyright (c) 2013 All rights reserved.


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Facebook Removes Fake Likes

Fake Facebook likes may be new to you, but it’s not to Facebook. The company has realized that the social network has been bombarded with fake likes thanks to fake Facebook accounts, malware and computer generated technology.

There is technology out there that allows people or businesses to earn fraudulent likes. Many companies have used this technology in order to increase the number of likes their business receives, and many “social media managers” have used this tactic so that their employer thinks they’re doing a fantastic job.

Back in August 2012, Facebook announced that they would be taking the necessary steps in order to strengthen security and remove fraudulent and computer generated accounts, and this means removing any likes associated with those accounts. Facebook also plans on deleting fake accounts and fake brand pages in order to ensure that all Facebook users are engaging with real people and real brands.

On September 26, 2012, Facebook started their effort to remove fake accounts and fake likes. Facebook said that as long as businesses were complying with their terms and conditions and there was no sign of foul play, their company’s pages would remain on the social network, but they couldn’t guarantee that every company’s likes would remain intact. If it was determined that Facebook likes were coming from fraudulent accounts, they would be removed. In all, Facebook believes that an average of 1% of likes would be removed per page.

Facebook wants to keep the social network clean for all users, which means they don’t want their users—whether individual or brand—to be deceived by fake likes, or to deceive the public with fake likes. If Facebook deems anything suspicious, it will be removed.

Without the fake likes, companies that use Facebook can now have more accurate results to measure. They can truly learn about their real customers, including demographics and location, without having their results swayed  by fake information. Brands can now create the right type of content to engage with their followers, and they may even see improved engagement and more conversions now that they’re solely reaching out to real customers.

Most companies will not even notice the change in their likes, but there are a few that might. Texas HoldEm Poker lost 96,000 likes, and Farmville lost 45,000. Even Lady Gaga saw her likes drop by 34,000.

While these numbers may be significant to companies who don’t have too many likes, these larger brands, which have millions of likes, will not even notice the change.

Facebook is not just going through older likes. The company will also be monitoring the current likes that company’s receive and determine if they’re real. They’ll also be taking the necessary steps to ensure that fraudulent accounts and malware are no longer allowed to use the site.

Monitoring Facebook likes is just one of the ways that Facebook is trying to ramp up security. The company will also be rolling out some newer security measures in the future in order to give their users a better overall experience.

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Facebook to Stream Reality TV Show A Chance to Dance

Dance fever and rapidly growing networking are about to become partners.

Social network sites are constantly working to keep up with ever changing user demands and interests. As generations change, trends come and go, ideas succeed or fail, and there is always something new hitting the streets, staying on top of things is easier said than done for these social networks.

However, one of the top social networking sites over the past few years, Facebook, has started blazing a new trail with its decision to air a new television show on its site at the same time that it airs on television.

According to “A Chance to Dance” is a reality show that features Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, two dancers and choreographers from the United Kingdom as they “audition, select and train a new American dance company in 28 days.”

The producers of the series, Nigel and Simon Lythgoe, are no strangers to the world of American reality television. The two were involved with the creation of “American Idol” as well as the production of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Nigel Lythgoe, one of the show’s co-producers, told that “‘A Chance to Dance’ shows the passion, creativity, blood, sweat and tears that go into creating a new American dance company.”

The show’s seven episodes began airing on Facebook on August 17th. As subscribers tune in they have the unique opportunity to chat with other viewers as they watch the show, watch exclusive show interviews, and access other special behind the scenes content.

Those wishing to watch the show on Facebook will be charged $1.99 per episode or they can purchase (using Paypal or their credit card) a season pass of sorts, which gives them access to all seven episodes of the show for $11.99.  This is not expected to draw many TV viewers, but those who rely on internet and computers for entertainment will be the testing ground for a new avenue of delivery.

According to Insider Monkey, the show is available to be viewed using Milyoni Social Cinema software. Milyoni is no stranger to Facebook as the two companies have partnered before to bring Facebook users a pay-per-view movie, concert, socially interactive movie, and even a 3D movie. The simultaneous television and Facebook airing of this show is just another addition to the list of social networking firsts that Milyoni has been part of.

As it airs on Facebook, the show also plays on Ovation Network. According to Insider Monkey, this network can be found in 51 million American homes, found in packages from television providers such as Dish.

Ovation executives are on board with and hopeful for the partnership with Facebook. CEO Chad Gutstein told that the opportunity for people to view their show on Facebook is a way for potential new viewers to “sample our programming” and hopefully the network can “attract a whole new following.”

Since Facebook has over three times as many users as Ovation has viewers, Facebook is a good platform for this network to use to find new viewers.

Though this is the first series to stream on Facebook as it airs on television, a whole new world of possibilities is being opened up with this innovative partnership.


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4 Tips for Using Social Media as a Reputation Management Tool

No online marketing approach is complete without reputation management. Even the most comprehensive SEO, PPC or social media campaign will fall short if you don’t incorporate an element of brand protection into your strategy. Even if you have the most loyal and happy consumer base in town it only takes one disgruntled or misplaced comment to temporarily tarnish your image. One of the most effective ways to deal with this threat is through social media, and one of the best things about this method is that it is so accessible. Social media marketing and monitoring can be carried out by even the smallest of businesses with the most limited resources. To get the full benefit of this approach, there are a few tips to follow:

  • Use Google Plus. Google is constantly refining its algorithms and recently this has led to more social content appearing within the SERPs. Not surprisingly, the platform from which most text seems to be appearing from is Google’s own venture into the social world, Google Plus, therefore it really would be advisable to make use of this site.
  • Consider the amount of profiles you keep. It is important to have at least two active profiles as if in the unfortunate event that one becomes the subject of abuse, the other(s) can effectively protect your name to a degree. Nevertheless it is important to make sure you don’t have too many profiles. Never have more pages than you can regularly monitor. Unattended profiles leaves you at your most vulnerable.
  • Think before you react. When someone criticises the brand you’ve spent endless days, months and years building up, it is natural to react defensively, especially if the claims are unwarranted. However, as angry or frustrated you are it is imperative to remove yourself emotionally from your reply. Taking a moment to consider their point, then responding in a calm and objective way is a much more effective way of resolving the problem, and upholding your dignity and reputation in front of others.
  • Promote your positive content within social media. Directing your users to the content you do want them to see, such as blogs, articles and press releases which portray your brand in a good light is a really pro-active way of deterring attention away from bad press. Ultimately it lets you gain control over what your consumer base see which is essentially what online reputation management is all about.

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