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Mobile imei

Much like your very own fingerprint, the MEID number and the IMEI number of your phone act as its fingerprint. They are the unique identifiers of the phone that you have. No two phones in the entire world have the same IMEI numbers. Finding your phone’s IMEI number is a great way for you to be able to find your phone quickly when it gets lost. Your IMEI number has 15 digits while the MEID number is the IMEI number excluding the last digit.

Google Goggles is Back

They had a little forgotten, but now they resurface. The famous augmented reality glasses signed Google are back on the scene. It is through an invitation to two events as the famous Glass Project surfaced. developers interested in the project are expected to test the glasses in question on 28 and 29 January in San Francisco, and 1 st February in New York. They can take a look at the API development called Mirror and start coding. Recall that these glasses , which feature a small screen on the right side of a mounting classic will check the weather , take a photo , navigate , etc.. They are likely to radically change our lives and ultimately, the little unit should substitute for a tablet or smartphone . The project seems very advanced, continues its merry way. So Google could market its product this year, as we announced last year . Here is the message sent by Google to developers:

Top: The 5 Best Alternatives to Google Play

Unlike the Apple App Store, Android is open type which allows users to go through other application stores. But with the lack of visibility of Google Play (the official store) and validation issues (non-existent), some websites offer developers to join to better showcase their creations and facilitate the visibility of games and other very useful applications for a smartphone or tablet.

# 1 -The App Shop Amazon (for Amazon) This is undoubtedly the best stores for Android applications available today. If you have an account with this giant commercial sites, simply login to start browsing the huge catalog available. There is a selective admission, which provides security to its users and almost all of the apps available are compatible with tablets. The giants are present, whether Rovio, EA Mobile or Gameloft, and most importantly, the App-Shop offers a free app every day. A good way to enjoy free some big hits or even to discover pearls. It provides a clean interface and connected to its various services, and even has its success system. – Download the App-Shop

# 2 SlideMe (by SlideMe LLC) In English, however, it is much richer than the official store. We find first the vast majority of hundreds of thousands of applications available on Google Play, but that are added to those that were rejected by Google or simply transferred due to a breach of the rules of the store. We find for example many emulators that can obviously play old games. In addition to the formal application, a website also allows to navigate from your computer and download the files. Apk applications you want to download. If almost all is free, the blind nonetheless completely legal because the apps work with the pub. – Download at SlideMe

# 3 GetjJar (by GetJar, Inc.) With its 800,000 applications, GetJar was so far what was best and even offered several exclusives. We remember in particular that caused quite a stir when it was paid a temporary exclusion of Angry Birds a few years ago. Very popular, but it does not apply formal, we must go through a mobile site or via computer. Still, it is no less full of good ideas. Like Google Play, GetJar allows you to filter results based on the compatibility with your device that you can select. To download the app, you can browse the store on your PC / Mac and get a code for use on the mobile version to recover quickly. – Access to GetJar # 4 Yaam (by Pixello Studio) If the market application n ‘ is very useful at the moment, it does not mean it should be thrown away. Particularly popular among users of smartphones or mobile operators oldest running Android but not necessarily in Android 2.2, Yamm is a marketplace that allows you to free from the shackles imposed by Google and telecom operators that may prevent you can download apps on Google Play. If the big publishers are not, however there are a few gems, but many service applications. – Download Yaam

# 5 Opera Mobile App Store (by Handster) The famous, yet very widespread internet browser is also present in this segment. Again, everything happens via a website, no dedicated application therefore, we can still browse the store directly via their mobile for more comfort. If you go through the PC / Mac, you must download a file as SlideMe. Apk to install it manually. You can filter the list according to which the phone is available and enjoy many free games or paid. These can also be purchased via SMS +, it is not necessary to have a credit card or a Google Wallet account or Paypal.


Why were we all forced to learn how to play the recorder when we were children?

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How abt it gets implemented?lol”@sademazi: So my nephew cant sleep, are we must go outside and play soccer. I love the idea…..”

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Why… oh why do I have to sign in to xbox live to play a singeplayer game?

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How would you play soccer :O ???

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why im gonna go all the way to ****ing depew just to play football?

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Why have West Brom signed Lukaku on loan and then just play him on the bench?!

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How do you misspell Android on your Google Play banner, @starbucks?! GET IT THE **** TOGETHER

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Who is on ps3 and wants to play fifa?

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Why can’t Cinderella play football?Because she’s a woman.

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Who free tmrw at 3pm ? Wanna play soccer pls reply.

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How do I ask a 3 year old does he want to play tball or soccer?

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Who wants to play xbox with me?

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How is this child’s play getting business done for the citizens of Toronto? Rob Ford had lost control of council/agenda! #TOPoli #tocouncil

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Who got Xbox Live and trying to play 2K12 ?

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Why are you going to play poweredpuff if you don’t know anything about football?!

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Why play mind games when you got the xbox & wii?

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Why every blasted game need I be updated before you play it b? Shyt dead takes the excitement out of playing ALL THE TIME. #PS3

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Why do ppl not part of the team or play football try to critique my team? Like your not helping stfu

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Who wants to play tennis right now?

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Who wants to play tennis right now?

  • Question was asked by: KassyG7
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  • Question was asked at : 2012-09-09 07:00:02
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Top CAD Programs for Android

Learning CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is a necessity today for professionals in the architectural and engineering fields. CAD uses vector based graphics to create highly technical drawings that are used for design and eventually develop buildings or popular products. Designers can use CAD software to create, analyze and modify their designs using the computer software’s electronic files. Now people can easily create and change CAD designs with convenient applications on their smart phones. This way they can easily design anywhere they like and share their work with other architects, engineers or clients. Here are the best CAD apps for Android smartphone users.

1. Droid 2 CAD by QubeCAD

This application allows you to capture certain locations with your phone’s GPS device and later export them into other CAD programs like Autodesk’s AutoCAD as a DXF (Data Exchange File). Droid 2 CAD gives the ability to name different points and their geographic coordinates so you can organize them into separate categories later. Droid 2 CAD technical drawings can be imported into Google Earth as a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file or converted into a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file for Excel or Google Docs access. This application was developed so it can be used on Android tablets.

2. AndCAD by Talon Designs LLP

AndCAD is a 2 Dimensional CAD application that allows you to draw and create objects with your phone. Right now the application has editing tools that allow you to move, rotate, scale, copy and break apart your 2D object. You can use their software to create the following geometrical objects: text, linear dimensions, circle, arc, polyline, polygon, polystar, point, note, aligned dimension and a line. You can also snap objects, underlay images, and create vector objects. Every object you design can be imported and exported into AutoCAD.

3. AutoCAD WS by AutoDesk Inc.

If you own AutoCAD on your computer, you will want to download this application for your Android. You can develop and edit 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional drawings from AutoCAD with this app, and without using the Internet. It supports DWG, DWF and DXF files. You can allow you to share your designs with others their e-mail and other tools. The application has a GPS that can help you navigate the drawing, and you can change any aspect of your design’s layers, image underlays, and any external references. Zoom into different parts of your drawing and edit objects with Snap. You can also add written notes if you have an idea or comment. Auto CAD WS allows you to verify the distance between measurements and your current location. If you are collaborating with other people you can export the images through email in PDF and DWF files, print remotely from HP’s ePrint & Share service, and connect with others in real time by commenting in the Design Feed.

4. Inard CAD by Par Steffansson

Inard CAD allows you to easily create CAD drawings with AutoCAD features. All of the images you can create can be shared via PDF, DXF or Inard file. Its interface supports creating text on your design and create distances between points. Inard CAD allows you to create lines, rectangles, areas, arcs and circles with its software. You can also use two fingers in order to snap different selections. Inard CAD’s editing tools include the ability to delete, move, rotate and copy designs. The height and width of lines and texts that you have created are automatically adjusted when you increase or decrease its size. Application also has more advanced features like extending, trimming, splitting, mirroring and offsetting the design.

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Leon Carter is an architect and guest author at, a site with resources and guides to the top-rated online architecture degree programs.

What is the value of news content for Google?

This is the question. Google generates revenue by distributing advertising alongside the results of its search engine and ads placed on partner sites. He never broadcast advertising in its Google News. According to a study conducted by TRG in Germany, over 15 million hits, 23.8% of results gave rise to at least display a link to a news content and advertising. Only 1.1% of these requests was dominated by news sites (more than five results). Income generated directly through press articles seem low.

This however, is only part of the problem. Publishers also claim that their products also contribute to the completeness and relevance of the search engine Google, used for more than 90% of the applications on the Internet. Google competes with social networks, has indeed brought many changes to its infrastructure to retrieve the contents a few seconds after their publication (update “Caffeine” in 2010). A year ago, Google explained that the new indexing method would better back-date information and affect 35% of searches. Newspaper articles are among the signals that Google considers. But he did not rule on the point raised by the editors.

Battle rages between browsers

Beyond Microsoft, Google and Mozilla, other big names in the technology industry as Facebook and Yahoo! want to leave their mark on the market for web browsing.


Luckily for general users, who have won full freedom to choose, and for developers in particular to get rid of the chaos of standards supported and not supported, the browser market has matured. The battles fought mercilessly between Internet Explorer and a fireproof defunct Netscape Navigator in the late 90′s sound like much of the current Internet lesson in prehistory, and the mastery at the time by the browser Microsoft is losing the Over the years (and months) the category of monopoly. If in 2003 the percentage of touching implantation reached almost 95%, today you have to make do with a market share below 50%.

What happened? First, the nonprofit foundation Mozilla introduced its own browser that promote the creation of a more open web, and after several missteps over baptizing as Firefox. Part of its success is due to the agency to install extensions that tune with the operation of the product, besides being pioneered tabbed browsing, and a passionate community of programming and development that has created around you. Five years later, a popular and Google itself started to improve safety, speed and stability of existing browsers with Chrome, what has recently added a fourth term: synchronization. And between the two have managed to equalize the contest.

While Google Chrome has borrowed the crown of favorite browser worldwide in more than one, and twice in recent times. On Sunday 18 March for the first time ever, 32.7% of users chose it over another 32.5% of Internet users who continued to use Internet Explorer while not working day. The feat has been repeated for all the following weekend to cover two full days, from 5 to May 6, with a maximum lead of nearly 3 points (33.4% vs. 30.61%). And it culminated with a controversial reign of a whole week and respective proportions of 32.76% and 31.94%, between 14 and 20 May.

Consultants like StatCounter and Net Applications had to revise its analysis technology to discriminate the portion of extra traffic from the system prerrenderizado Chrome. And is that from the thirteenth release this browser loads a series of pages in the background that assumes they will be visited and actually counts as visible. But beyond this kind of chicanery, the general feeling and glaring developments point to a continuing decline of IE. Next to Firefox and Chrome, two rivals who are trying to put a dent Apple’s Safari, fighting since 2003 and the Opera, Opera Software, in competition since 1996.

Another controversy concerns the public complaint about an alleged plot Mozilla Microsoft to limit user choice in an increasingly imminent harm Windows 8 and third-party browsers on devices using ARM processor architecture Holdings. How? Allowing the exclusive use of Internet Explorer 10 on this platform, as rivals qualify as a return to the dark ages of the digital environment where there was only one browser on Windows. Why? As explained by the company led by Steve Ballmer, to ensure safety requirements and power management intrinsic to mobile chips on the x86.

The mobile land by strengthening

Clearly, the next major war between browsers, as is already happening among manufacturers of devices, applications and chipsets, has to be undertaken in the field of smartphones and tablets.

In this field the default browser installed on the terminals with Android operating system and the mobile version of Safari, this default in millions of iPhone and iPad are to stand up to an Opera Mini in recent counts has been losing its traditional leadership . Chrome and Mozilla have been introduced into the world of mobility with your custom edits to the green android system, the first in the room save a copy for IOS and the second has a mobile platform dubbed Boot to Gecko. Nokia and BlackBerry are struggling to stay afloat, with a still respectable share of around 10% and 6%. E Internet Explorer tries to get his head with its latest range of Windows phones.

And that’s not all, much less. Yahoo! has just surprised with the debut of its own browser for iPhone and iPad, which also functions as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari in the field of desktop computers: Axis. It works entirely in HTML 5, has features of search engine is intended to replace Safari. While Facebook has joined the party intending to Opera Software with a hearty stack of bills. This could be a great opportunity for both companies when it comes to strengthen its presence, especially now that social networks need to test the profitability of its business model and last making a smartphone with the help of former Apple engineers.

The fight is open, and today, anything can happen.

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Google Chrome Box – Google Journey Towards Apple

Google announced on their official blog the launch of Chromebox, a small computer with good performance, with Chrome as an operating system without monitor or keyboard, which seek to break into the market with a price of $ 329 (264 euros).

With a philosophy like that of portable devices, Chromebox features an Intel Core art and 4 GB of RAM. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / Ethernet port with no ability to navigate to a Gigabit-speed Google has deployed U.S. cable. Among other connections, has six USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, DVI (Other OTC: DVIXQ.PK – news), VGA and supports Bluetooth 3.0.

Its design is similar to a Mac, but Apple is not, but Samsung. Not surprising, considering that the two brands have long been working with Chromebooks. “It’s small enough to place it on a desk, shelf or next to the sofa,” said the Mountain View. In this sense, Google has emphasized that the integrated Wi-Fi “means you can place in the far corners of your home if you worry about extra cables.” The fact that it lacks keyboard and monitor Google demonstrates the belief-shared by other companies, ‘that in future CPUs will eventually disappear.

Google also sells two specially designed Chromebox peripherals: keyboard and mouse. Chromebox be available first in the U.S. and the UK. Will be available in Google’s website for a price of $ 329 (264 euros).

In addition, Google also announced the launch of a new laptop Chromebook. Arrive in the U.S. and British markets in the same time as the Chromebox and then launch in other territories, although the company did not give details. We leave you a video of the announcement of the Chromebook.

Google Erases 1.2 Million Monthly For Piracy Links

In a new public account of transparency that Google did not perform 2 years ago, the company reported that more than 250,000 weekly receives requests weekly to remove content from your browser for infringement of copyrights, removing 1.2 million of these bonds each month.

In 2009 was the last time Google released all available information on its services worldwide, including requests from the governments to remove content. Now decided to extend this document with a new section of copyright.

This new document contends data last July and will now be updated daily. Requests to remove these links pirates has ido in increasing growth, so that Google is “normal” 250 000 receive such requests each week in addition to those received by this same topic 2 years ago.

In the month just past Google averaged over 1.2 million applications for the removal of search results to be made threw the name of more than one copyright owners. Applications affecting at least 23 000 different websites.

Among the most demanding companies can be found linked to technology, entertainment and music, such as Lionsgate, Sony Music, Microsoft, Warner Music, Universal, among others. Within these domains staying engaged content of the material did not own, were popular sites like The Pirate Bay, 4shared or Filestube.

Also, the blog said that “fighting online piracy is very important and we want to direct Internet users to materials that violate copyright laws. Therefore, we have responded to requests for removal related copyrights that meet the standards set by U.S. law for the protection of copyright – the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – “.

Thus, the firm said it is dedicating significant resources to optimize this process of elimination, considering that on average last week the average time to remove these links was lower at 11 hours. Not to mention removing malicious applications and also receive erroneous and obstruct the process.

Some of these applications were also repeatedly unfounded as calling delete content in the search results for information that was unfavorable for a particular company or person. Given that Google said that “we try to detect these cases ourselves, but also notify the webmasters so they can make a counter if they believe that this application is not correct.”

Google Gets A Licence Plate in Nevada

Google’s modified car Toyota Prius was given the thumbs up after successful test drives in Carson City


Questions About Cars :

Google Drive Vs Other Drives

Google Drive is the latest offering of the search giant Google considering that Gmail offers nearly 7 GB of free space Google Drive seems to be redundant service but you never know what potential the service might actually have.

People have discovered the Gmail Drive the closest sibling of the Google Drive way long and have been successfully using ever since.

Some features of Google Drive which might not impress you would be:

  • Google Drive would give you around 5 GB of free storage to start with.
  • Google Drive is available for PC and MAC.
  • Google Drive is safer than your personal device to store data.
  • Google Drive integrates with Google Docs to give seamless access to you and your team both.
  • Google Drive can be Upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month

As said the service is redundant  for not only Gmail itself  but many of its competition too.To start with lets compare Google Drive with drives who offer same or more better features as of now:

  • Google Drive gives 5 GB
  1. Dropbox also gives 5 GB and offers free GB’s if you invite your friends to open an account.
  2. gives 5 GB free too

Looking at the above figures Dropbox wins.

  • Google Drive gives an Upgrage to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month
  1. Dropbox starts with +1 GB per referral, up to +32 GB for $9.9
  2. also gives 25 GB for $9.9

Google Drive takes the lead here.

  • Google Drive allows document syncing and already established features of Google Docs
  1. Dropbox does not allow this files syncing features yet.
  2. allows to Access files from anywhere. Collaborate and share on projects.

Google Drive takes a lead again considering the well known Google docs

Dropbox is a online data backup service that lets you store up to 100GB. It has apps for nearly everthing now and integrates with lots of add ons. Although DropBox looks a bit costly than similar services, the quality has a lot to emphasis. enables rich collaboration tools that allow you to share files, organize digital content and manage user access to stored data.

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