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Useful Android Apps

Every Android app is useful in one way or another. Whether it is staying up to date with relative on social media and friends to adding events to your own calendar, smartphones were made to make one’s life easier. With that said, there are several apps that more helpful than some and others that are more useful. But since everyone has different needs, the usefulness of a certain app may differ.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z, what should we expect?

Read the last post Sony developes tablet Z: after smartphones
During CES 2013, the Japanese manufacturer has announced a new premium smartphone, but a tablet is also in preparation. It would be part of the same range as that seems new model to replace the Tablet S , is called the Xperia Z Tablet .

It is not surprising that we find a definition at full-HD screen that displays a definition 1920x1080px. Slab would be 10.1 inches and has under the hood features extensively revised upwards. More Tegra 3, Sony would thus choosing a processor Snapdragon 4 cores, clocked at 1.5 GHz based on 2GB of RAM. At the sensors should expect the 8.1 megapixel for the front and 2.2 megapixel at the rear. This Tablet Xperia Z would otherwise run with 32GB of storage and of course NFC .

The source of this rumor also says that the tablet will take a very similar design to the smartphone. It should be announced in the second quarter of 2013.

Sony developes tablet Z: after smartphones

Arrived late on the touch tablet segment, Sony had from the beginning by announcing his ambitions will become the main provider of tablets in the world, behind Apple and its iPad invincible, since the touch pad can be the bridge around various electronic equipment room, the TV and the stereo.

The first tablets developed by Sony were distinguished by their specific design and designed for use in the home rather than actually nomadic, staying consistent with his initial vision. In September 2012, shift, Sony renewed its range with a model Xperia S Tablet resuming the appearance of folded paper (designed to ensure balanced handling) in reducing and recovering up to date features. And for 2013?

LG finally explains Nexus 4

LG has finally agreed to deliver the truth of the matter Nexus 4, the smartphone produced by Korean giant Google and ignites Internet since its launch in November. And for good reason. It is found. ( See the test )

Back to the facts. The smartphone sold on the online store November 13 faces a huge demand. Out of stock immediately after a few hours in several countries. And since buyers break their teeth with invariable “exhausted” before the two models (8GB and 16GB) . Since December, SFR offers the famous mobile subscription. Extras, it displays a prohibitive tariff: 629.90 euros against 349 euros on Google Play.

Rumors are also rife on the Internet: production voluntarily limited by LG and Google to create a buzz and volunteer shortage, production stoppage by the Korean giant for a new model of smartphone sales loss by Google .

Google Goggles is Back

They had a little forgotten, but now they resurface. The famous augmented reality glasses signed Google are back on the scene. It is through an invitation to two events as the famous Glass Project surfaced. developers interested in the project are expected to test the glasses in question on 28 and 29 January in San Francisco, and 1 st February in New York. They can take a look at the API development called Mirror and start coding. Recall that these glasses , which feature a small screen on the right side of a mounting classic will check the weather , take a photo , navigate , etc.. They are likely to radically change our lives and ultimately, the little unit should substitute for a tablet or smartphone . The project seems very advanced, continues its merry way. So Google could market its product this year, as we announced last year . Here is the message sent by Google to developers:

Samsung has sold over 100 million Galaxy

2 years and 7 months. This is the time it took for Samsung to sell 100 million copies of its phones the Galaxy S (Galaxy S, S2, S3, S3 mini). The Galaxy S3 is the model meet the most successful to date, with an average of 190,000 phones sold per day. 40 million were sold in 7 months, it took 20 months for the S2 before reaching this figure. The original Galaxy S has seen 24 million units sold since its launch, ie in June 2010.

Samsung Galaxy S Serie 1 million sold
These data show how the Galaxy S3 has met with great success since its launch. Its main competitor, the iPhone 5, a big disappointment to many users. The latter are facing competition brought this year in terms of content, it seems.

Underwater levels in Angry Birds Space

The undeniable success of the saga Angry Birds based primarily on the addition of free levels, here for the unreleased form. And this new level pack which comes to Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds HD Space allows this time to explore the ocean depths. thirty levels await you, allowing you to discover a world of water and thus continue to kill the pig green … underwater and sea because these terrible enemies can now use boats to make your life hard. A new form of gameplay particularly friendly, a unique bosses but especially new items to use as a black hole very effective. Notice that this does adding content that iOS and Android versions.


Top: The 5 Best Alternatives to Google Play

Unlike the Apple App Store, Android is open type which allows users to go through other application stores. But with the lack of visibility of Google Play (the official store) and validation issues (non-existent), some websites offer developers to join to better showcase their creations and facilitate the visibility of games and other very useful applications for a smartphone or tablet.

# 1 -The App Shop Amazon (for Amazon) This is undoubtedly the best stores for Android applications available today. If you have an account with this giant commercial sites, simply login to start browsing the huge catalog available. There is a selective admission, which provides security to its users and almost all of the apps available are compatible with tablets. The giants are present, whether Rovio, EA Mobile or Gameloft, and most importantly, the App-Shop offers a free app every day. A good way to enjoy free some big hits or even to discover pearls. It provides a clean interface and connected to its various services, and even has its success system. – Download the App-Shop

# 2 SlideMe (by SlideMe LLC) In English, however, it is much richer than the official store. We find first the vast majority of hundreds of thousands of applications available on Google Play, but that are added to those that were rejected by Google or simply transferred due to a breach of the rules of the store. We find for example many emulators that can obviously play old games. In addition to the formal application, a website also allows to navigate from your computer and download the files. Apk applications you want to download. If almost all is free, the blind nonetheless completely legal because the apps work with the pub. – Download at SlideMe

# 3 GetjJar (by GetJar, Inc.) With its 800,000 applications, GetJar was so far what was best and even offered several exclusives. We remember in particular that caused quite a stir when it was paid a temporary exclusion of Angry Birds a few years ago. Very popular, but it does not apply formal, we must go through a mobile site or via computer. Still, it is no less full of good ideas. Like Google Play, GetJar allows you to filter results based on the compatibility with your device that you can select. To download the app, you can browse the store on your PC / Mac and get a code for use on the mobile version to recover quickly. – Access to GetJar # 4 Yaam (by Pixello Studio) If the market application n ‘ is very useful at the moment, it does not mean it should be thrown away. Particularly popular among users of smartphones or mobile operators oldest running Android but not necessarily in Android 2.2, Yamm is a marketplace that allows you to free from the shackles imposed by Google and telecom operators that may prevent you can download apps on Google Play. If the big publishers are not, however there are a few gems, but many service applications. – Download Yaam

# 5 Opera Mobile App Store (by Handster) The famous, yet very widespread internet browser is also present in this segment. Again, everything happens via a website, no dedicated application therefore, we can still browse the store directly via their mobile for more comfort. If you go through the PC / Mac, you must download a file as SlideMe. Apk to install it manually. You can filter the list according to which the phone is available and enjoy many free games or paid. These can also be purchased via SMS +, it is not necessary to have a credit card or a Google Wallet account or Paypal.


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Who wants to play tennis right now?

  • Question was asked by: KassyG7
  • Question answered by: OmKothari1
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A doctor at your fingertips

Equipped with a camera, a camera, a microphone, a library, a photo album and music , the smartphone is packed with technology . With applications, it is GPS, flashlight, magnifying glass. Especially connected to a wireless network, it can surf on Internet, send text messages, e-mails, and, of course, call. At the heart of telecommunications today, the smartphone will play a central role in the medicine of tomorrow.
“Because wireless networks, Internet, connectivity capabilities between objects, bandwidth capacity, the extraordinary diffusion of smartphones, the cloud computing, this “cloud computing” capable of storing huge volumes data, we observe a superconvergence tools that can be put at the service of health, ” says Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist, a specialist in genomics and director of Scripps Translational Science Institute (La Jolla, Calif.). “We are experiencing a revolution digital will revolutionize medicine, ” he adds before to remark that has “more than six billion mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes or toilet”, including a billion smartphones a figure expected to double by 2015.

4.4 million Nokia Lumia Sold At End of 2012

Having joined Microsoft and its mobile OS for exclusive Nokia announces good news for the Redmond company. The holiday season has been particularly prolific Norwegian company announced that it sold 4.4 million Nokia Lumia in the last three months of 2012. We do not know the proportion of each smartphones in this figure, but we imagine that the Lumia 920 should be at the top of the basket. In total, between October and December 2012, Nokia has sold 86.3 million phone, 15.9 million smartphones belonging to the range Lumia (Windows Phone) and Asha (Symbian). As reported by our colleagues of ‘ iGen is much better than the previous quarter, when sales of Lumia were not to go with only 2.9 million copies sold.

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