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5 Basics of facebook

  • Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in California. Its website was launched on February 4, 2004.
  • Facebook Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations to share and connect with people
  • Facebook like is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends
  • Facebook poke is to just say hello
  • Facebook lacks live support, which makes it difficult to resolve issues

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  1. What is the full form of facebook?
  2. Does Facebook allow users to turn off background data?
  3. Why does Facebook even give me the option to ‘like’ my own status?

Google+ and Facebook Comparison

Tamil News Portal

thatstamil – What is the url for thatstamil?


WiFi Speed Boosting Tips for iPad

WiFi Speed Boosting Tips for iPad

An iPad allows you to access electronic books, photos, videos, games and applications while on the go. Many applications require you to have Internet access to use them, especially if you are accessing social networking or communication features. The most common and convenient way to access the Internet is by using a Wi-Fi network at home or from a public hotspot available at many public locations including restaurants. The speed of your Wi-Fi network and the device impacts the user experience. Follow these tips to improve the speed of the wireless network on your iPad.

1. Get closer to the access point. The place where the Wi-Fi signal comes from is the access point. If you are too far away from where the signal is being emitted, you will have a weak signal and experience slower speeds as a result. Your iPad has an indicator that measures how many bars of signal you are receiving while connected to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Check to see if your iPad has any system updates available. The developers of the operating system are constantly finding new bugs and issues that are fixed when a new version or update is released. You can quickly check for new updates to the system by setting “Settings,” then click “General” and choose “About” to display the version your iPad is using. You can find out what the latest version is by going to

3. Reset your network settings if you don’t suspect that there are any other underlying issues affecting your Wi-Fi speed. Select “Settings” and choose “General.” Choose “Reset Settings.” Keep in mind that this will reset all your network settings including any passwords you have saved in the device. Only do this if you feel it is absolutely necessary to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity and speed.

4. Reset and renew your DHCP connection. Your iPad will receive a new IP address when you release and renew the DHCP connection. It is a common fix to eliminate problems with weak or constantly dropped signals. Go back into your settings under the “General” option and select “Network.” Touch the option to “Renew/Release” to fix the issue.

5. Update the firmware on your router. While this is not possible when accessing the Internet in a public location, you can update your router’s firmware at home. Check with the manufacturer to determine if you have the latest version of firmware. A good way to determine if you need an update is to test your iPad on a different wireless network. If it functions without issues, you should look into an upgrade.

Keep these tips in mind to improve the speed and performance of your iPad while on the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection.

James is a writer based in Soho, London. He loves his IPhone and buys his iPhone4 Cases HERE

Computer Forensics on Television Does Not Always Get it Right

Many people who talk with a computer forensics recruiter have a vision that working in the field is going to be just as they see on television shows. That’s rarely the case though, and one will have to follow certain protocols if he or she is going to work in any area of forensics. If you are thinking of getting into the field because you want a glamorous job like the actors on TV, it’s time that you took a deeper look at what you will actually be doing as a computer forensics technician! Yes, you can help solve crimes, but chances are you aren’t going to be working in a state of the art lab like on the shows. Reality and Hollywood are very different, and you can see this quite easily once you learn more about the reality of forensics.

The CSI Incident

While this happened many years ago on the television show – 2005, actually – it is something that happens on television shows with regularity. When they introduce computer forensics, as well as other types of forensics, they don’t always get it right. Most people who work in forensics have a love/hate relationship with CSI and other shows that make forensics a large part of the show each week. They love that their filed is getting some recognition for the type of hard work that they do. However, they hate when the shows get it wrong.

One of the reasons they don’t like this is the fact that it gives the public a difference perception of what forensics is like in the real world. It makes some people believe that forensics is a magic cure all for an investigation. Those same people then wonder why cases are slow to solve and why it takes so long to find information and evidence. It is impossible to wrap things up in an hour as they do on the TV shows!

In the episode of CSI in question, the investigators did not follow the proper rules when they were looking to find evidence. They turned on the computer, which is something that they should not have done. This might seem like a simple and innocent thing, but it is not. Investigators in the real world cannot do this for several reasons. This could damage or delete evidence, and it could mean that information found wouldn’t be admissible in court. After you talk with your computer forensics recruiter and enroll, this is going to be one of the first things that you learn.

Why the Errors on Television?

You would think that the television shows would want to get forensics right, and most of the time that’s what they would like to do. However, you have to consider a few things. First, even though they may have advisors, the advisors aren’t able to catch everything to ensure accuracy.

Second, they have to have the ability to use dramatic license. Snooping on someone’s email on a show and learning the individual is a serial killer or learning where they might be hiding is more dramatic. On the show, they want the series heroes to find the information most of the time, and that means they break the rules for the show. Things aren’t perfect on the shows, and that happens with all forensics shows, not only the shows that make use of computer forensics.

Even though it might not be like television, a career in the field can be great. Talk with a computer forensics recruiter soon to learn more about what you can do to get started earning your degree in the field.

Anita Schepers provides advice and information on computer forensics training at

Photo Restoration Tutorial

Photo Restoration Adds Years to a Picture

We all have those old, faded family photos that we wish would be a little brighter, and offer a little more quality. Technology presents us with many opportunities these days and one of them is photo restoration. This function has become so common and simple that most people are able to do their own restoration in their home.

Tools needed for photo restoration

Most photographs deteriorate through the decades. This involves fading; color casts, which often turns the color yellowish; physical damage which includes stains and scratches. Each of these three areas can be treated by using the correct tools. There are many programs available on the market, such as Photoshop, which simplifies the entire process. Photoshop not only helps you to restore your photographs you can also retouch them and improve old and damaged pictures. Most photographs, despite the damage, follow the same procedures during restoration.

How it works

You will start your restoration by clicking on the clone stamp tool. Depending on the size of your picture you are ready to select a soft-sided brush size in which it will be easy to use. Next, it is important to make certain the background layer is selected. You will quickly learn that the clone stamp is kind of like a cut and paste tool. To start you will hold Alt while you click the area you want to change. Then you release the Alt key. You will now click on the part of the picture you want to restore in that area. Once again hold Alt while you click to take another sample. You will then click on another area of damage. Once you begin the process you will quickly learn the importance of matching the colors.

It takes time and patients for good results

Photo restoration requires a lot of patience and you learn the process by jumping in and doing it. You will make mistakes in the beginning so it is important to choose pictures to restore that are not your favorites. Once you have mastered the art of restoration you will be able to restore any of your favorite pictures. You will also be able to add coloring to old, black and white photos. If your picture has scratches you will be able to clear them no matter where they are on the picture. Some of our old pictures have been ripped due to age as well as being viewed dozens and dozens of times. These are also photos you will be able to restore. The wonderful technology of Photoshop, as well as similar programs, also allow you to hand color a black and white photo.

If you look back to when you first used a computer you will recall how confusing it was to get from one site to another; to open a website; to find a search engine, and so forth. The same is true with photo restoration. It involves a great deal of concentration, practice, and patience. However, once you master this wonderful technique, unlike the millions of computer users, you will be one of the few people capable of photo restoration.

For photo restoration in Ireland visit

How Social media will impact eCommerce in 2013

2013 is the year that social media and e-commerce designers will meld together seamlessly. The social aspects of social media will help e-commerce companies find out what customers really want in a brand, and will also boost sales by customers using social media to share their purchases and likes. By 2013, most of the kinks in the process will be removed, and companies will be free to take full advantage of social media for business decisions.

Social media is surprisingly influential in the realm of company and brand loyalty, and will impact e-commerce in 2013 in the following ways:

Social media sharing and company “likes” will influence buyer’s choices: Today, most companies have a social media presence just like many people in the world. Social media provides a unique way for customers and brands to interact with one another, helping each other find the best way to meet the needs of customers and benefit companies. Today, a few companies allow the use of product sharing through social media, but in 2013, most brands will use social media as a way for customers to share their recent purchased and wish lists with friends for birthdays and other social gatherings.

Customers will only follow brands with active social pages: People like knowing that a company cares about them personally. The more active a company is through social media, the more customers will remain loyal to the brand and continue to shop their. In 2013, companies that share product ideas, allow customers to influence buying decisions, and offer give aways will increase their fan base and increase sales and brand loyalty. This is a necessary step to prevent customers from turning to other brands who offer these conveniences. This will also help prevent customers from getting bored with a brand and turning to competitors.

Companies will offer personalized pages based on social media choices: Many people share a large part of their lives, likes, and dislikes through social media. Just by seeing what a person “likes” on their page can determine what kind of person they are and what is most important to them. Companies will be able to take advantage of this information in 2013 by creating customized ads and web pages based on the likes and dislikes of their fans. Companies will be able to use cookies and other public information to create customized displays and pages for each customer displaying what that person should like most on that company’s site.

Viral marketing: The more customers share products and information about a company, the more advertising exposure the company receives. Many companies are already taking advantage of this marketing ploy by creating clever ads and funny marketing campaigns that are so over the top that people share the ads with friends through social media. This form of viral marketing is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and get new customers to visit a company they may not have thought about purchasing from in the past.

Greater brand exposure: As more people joint social media sites, companies can easily raise awareness for their brands to a new customer base simply by advertising with the social media site. This automatically increases brand awareness on the site, and may even bring in international business from countries where there are no local stores from that brand. With just a little effort, companies will be able to raise their awareness to an international or global level.

In-depth market research: Social media is an excellent market research tool. By 2013, most companies will have an established brand page that customers have interacted with. Taking the data and feedback directly by customers, companies can easily see what customers like and dislike about the brand and make changes accordingly. This raw data presents an unprecedented level of customer feedback that can really help brands identify exactly what customers want and need most.

By 2013, social media is set to have a huge impact on the e-commerce industry. Companies that do not already have active social media presences should consider implementing eCommerce solutions that will foster a personal relationship with customers through social media. Brands that do not create social media bonds with customers will quickly loose to companies that have already made the leap to the future of marketing e-commerce advertising.

This is a guest post by Andras Deak who is currently doing his internship at an eCommerce solutions company. He is an occasional guest blogger on web design and development as well as gadgets and technology. Andras is currently writing on behalf of Code23.

Get a Social View of Candidates

Although social media has been around for a while now, companies are still trying to figure out how to use the sites to help them find the best candidates, while exerting the least amount of effort. Well now there’s a software solution that helps you do just that.

San Francisco-based TalentBin recently launched its own search engine, which gathers information about job applicants from their social media profiles, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Meetup, and Quora.

TalentBin’s talent search engine should make it easier to isolate top-flight talent by aggregating candidates’ background information – and implicit professional achievements – in one comprehensive profile.

That means recruiters who are evaluating potential new hires can simply input a candidate’s name in the system and quickly receive a profile with important information about that person’s past and what they’ve done throughout their career.

According to a report by PR Newswire, the search engine is available as a standalone solution or as a plug-in for Human Resources Information Systems, Recruiting Customer Relationship Management software, or Applicant Tracking Systems.

So far, more than 60 companies are already using this type of technology for social media-related recruiting purposes. Big-name companies such as Groupon, Intuit, Dolby, and Yahoo! have found success with the new social search engine solution.

If reports and testimonials about the product prove to be true, recruiters and HR professionals who are always looking for the latest and greatest technology will now have a tool to help them make the best possible hires.

Dustin Carper, who is an employment brand strategist for daily deals site Groupon, said the new technology has helped to advance how the company’s recruiters find top technical talent. He said sourcers and recruiters at Groupon love the search engine, because it helps them do a more efficient job and eliminates the need for manually searching for information about candidates on Google or other search engines.

Jennifer Hasche, a recruiter at Intuit, said it took no time for her sourcing team to realize that the new technology provides results that traditional recruiting tools can’t. This includes helping the company find highly-qualified and experienced candidates that might not have profiles that show up on Google or LinkedIn.

So if you’re in need of a little boost to your hiring process, and you want to use social media to help you leverage the best candidates, then you should consider using the new search engine technology we’ve been talking about.


Passionate about recruiting and social media and where those two worlds intersect. Visit for more info.

Netgear launches its first Smart Switch with 10 Gigabit connectivity

Netgear brings to market its first switch “web manageable” 10 Gigabit medium for businessesA first on the market according to the manufacturer who explained that the Prosafe Stackable Smart Switch Gigabit GS752TXS (phew …) is the ideal additional equipment for new servers with 10 Gigabit interfaces. It delivers very high performance for applications such as virtualization, replication and backup of data, IP video, or transaction processing intensive.

In support of this promise, 48 Gigabit ports for connecting devices to the network, plus 4-port 10 Gigabit (SFP + format) for the stack and the uplink to servers. This, says Netgear, “  for less than half the cost of a traditional switch manageable . “Other arguments put forward by the manufacturer: feature-rich, a full range of security features, simple to configure and administer via a web interface. “  The new switch goes well beyond the functions of traditional management level 2, adds Netgear. Static Routing function allows to optimize network performance by allocating only the switch to the management of internal traffic, the router being dedicated to traffic management and external security. The dynamic assignment to VLANs increase security by requiring a single access policy for users anywhere in the network. Support for IGMP snooping and MLS allows switches to direct multicast traffic only to hosts named, thus saving bandwidth . “

The GS752TXS also offers security features such as access control lists based on MAC / IP addresses and TCP / UDP, prevention against DoS attacks Auto, DHCP snooping and port protectionStacking capabilities allow administrators GS752TXS of the network stack up to six switches together to form a single logical unit with up to 40 Gbit / sec of bandwidth and full redundancy for maximum availability. The stack can then be configured and managed as a single switch with up to 288 network ports, which greatly simplifies administration and maintenance. In addition, the switches “stack” can be installed on multiple sites in SFP + fiber connections.

Note that the ProSafe switch GS752TXS is guaranteed for life, it provides access to technical support services to high level, including an on-site replacement warranty on day one in case of failure. Its retail price is € 1710 HT.

Facebook accused of Privacy Again

During the conference F8 , Mark Zuckerberg has praised the “sharing without friction.” He finds himself-how-often with a new controversy Privacy on the arms.

This weekend, blogger and hacker Nik Curbrilovic accused Facebook to continue to monitor the online activities of users, even when they are disconnected from the network. He writes, supporting evidence, “Every time I visit a site with a button like, sharing, or any other widget, the information including my account number, is sent to Facebook, even when I am no longer logged. The only solution is to delete all cookies Facebook “, these small files stored on the hard drive by the browser, especially for remembering passwords.

Facebook engineer in charge of logins immediately responded via a comment (press service confirmed). It recognizes that cookies are changed, but explained that it was “a measure of security and protection, particularly to identify spammers or when someone tries to access your account.” Above all, it Facebook says that “does not use cookies to social plugins sell advertising or information to partners,” but simply to “customize” its services.

This is not the first time a player in the Web is accused of following too close to its users. Google, with the bar omnibox Chrome or Microsoft with its toolbar Bing were severely criticized.

Facebook, meanwhile, is considering becoming a social infiltrating every corner of the canvas. Sharing with “frictionless,” each song is played on Spotify example in the new “ticker”, this module to become the “pulse” of activity of Facebook. The network makes a transition from sharing a “case by case” basis, controlled by the user, the “all or nothing” automated once the initial authorization given.Beyond questions about privacy, this deluge of data raises a more fundamental issue: that of relevance.

NASA postponed the shooting of two probes

NASA announced Thursday the postponement, due to strong winds, the launch scheduled on the same day of two probes which must make an accurate map of the internal structures of the Moon, to better understand its evolution, but also that of the Earth.The next launch window from the base of Cape Canaveral in Florida (Southeast U.S.) will open Friday at 8:33 local time (12:33 GMT), said the U.S. space agency.Scientists hope the probe will uncover the secrets of the moon and help them understand how our natural satellite and the Earth and other rocky planets have evolved.
GRAIL both probes A and B must make very precise measurements of lunar gravity, showing the distribution of masses, and the thickness and composition of the internal strata of the moon to its core.
Three and a half months will be needed if the probes reach their destination, traveling more than 4 million miles.
Since the beginning of the space age in 1957, Moon was the subject of 109 missions, including six manned Apollo program of NASA, which helped to twelve people to walk on the moon and back 863 pounds of rocks and dust that continued to be discussed today.
A study, based on some of the analysis, published in the spring in the journal Science, reveals that the interior of the Moon contains, in proportion, as much water as the depths of the earth.

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