Can Youtube Help Improve Your Sales?

Introduction to Youtube

By now, you have probably heard that to have a successful business model, you need to get into social networking. But while most people already know how to use social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, one of the first social media websites, Youtube, isn’t getting the love it deserves from the business world. While different from Facebook and Twitter in that it isn’t conversation based, it has one strong advantage over them: visuals. A picture is worth a thousand words, and many times it can influence clients much more than simple text over a mobile interface. So how can you use Youtube in order to increase your business presence online, gain more customers and produce more sales?

Differences between other social networks

Connecting with your potential customers on Youtube is different than doing so on websites like Facebook or Twitter. On those social media websites, you would traditionally work within the website’s interface to gain friends or followers who might eventually buy your product. Businesses on Twitter actively interact with other Twitter users and offer prizes and deals on their product or services. The same with Facebook, for the most part.The major difference with Youtube is that you are courting people with your content who probably aren’t registered with the site. You are trying to get people to view your videos and content, and sometimes that can be difficult if you have to work outside of the interface.  Youtube makes content creaters have to market their videos off-site, and while this is often difficult, it can be more benefical in the long run. It helps to establish your videoes and your brand with other websites who might now be more apt to link to your official website. It also can expose your brand to a different, untapped market.

Being effective

What is the most effective way to make a Youtube video that your customers and potential clients might most identify with? The best choice is to go with something that represents your brand. Being geninue, and having something special in your video will go a long way. Being different, such as including humor or using an animation, are other ways to make your video more memorable. While Youtube is certainly a different social media genre than Facebook and Twitter, it’s arguably just as powerful and a certain asset to any business owner.

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