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Remember the new PEPSI refresh campaign.Well our new history of business story this week is a perfect example.




bottled up



Laura Bergman has a story to tell about Bottled Up:

I have lived all my live in the Pennsylvania Amish Country. A life-long passion of mine has been digging and collecting antique glass and bottles reclaimed from the beautiful wooded habitats and rural farmlands where I live. These old dump sites are simply what people did with their used and broken glass back then, and are now a treasure trove for collectors. I have always thrilled at finding a pretty treasure to put in my window and add to my collection. After I had children, I would take them and tell them about the old glass and the history behind the pieces.

One thing that has always bothered my is how as collectors we take away the pretty whole pieces but leave the broken behind for the environment and wildlife to deal with. One day while kicking over leaves and scanning for treasures, I looked up and saw a mother doe standing not too far from me. Laying near her side was her baby fawn. When they caught my scent they were up and away and I was stuck by the realization that this baby fawn was laying on the jagged remains of an antique bottle. Hoping she wasn’t hurt, it hit me hard that day what we as humans have done to these beautiful habitats and the creatures that depend on them for survival. I set out on a new mission with this glass, now reclaiming the broken remains. After a huge amount of creative energy, trial and error, and plain old hard work what has emerged is my unique line of jewelry handmade from this reclaimed antique glass. As a collector I prepare for every piece “The Story of the Glass” detailing what the glass was originally and the age of the piece. They are truly a unique way to preserve history while helping the future. Hopefully, my effort will help remove some of this hazard.



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