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The company, initially called “B & W,” was founded by William Edward Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt in 1916. Next year it acquired the name “Boeing Airplane Company.” William E. Boeing had studied at Yale University and worked initially in the timber industry, where he became a wealthy man, and where he acquired knowledge about wooden structures which later would be useful for the construction of aircraft. The company was founded in an old barn made of wood which was called the “red barn” (Red Barn).

Red Barn (Barn Red) is named the first place where William E. Boeing (Seattle, Washington) founded the company that now bears his name, this event occurred in 1916, the building now known as No.105.

In this old red barn, because the wood, I think his first factory. The affectionately called the red barn and he is listed under guard during the First World War. Red Barn is now part of the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Boeing period between the World Wars

In 1934 Boeing was already a very large company, and William E. Boeing decided to sell all its shares following the law that was enacted after the Great Depression, which forced companies of a certain size to be divided into several smaller, independent units.

Shortly thereafter the company established an agreement with Pan American World Airways to develop and build a civil seaplane capable of carrying passengers on transoceanic routes and designed to use water as a landing strip. On June 7, 1939 the new plane, called Boeing Model 314 Clipper, conducted its first flight. It was the largest aircraft of its era, in which 90 passengers were accommodated on flights by day and 40 on night flights. A year later he opened the first regular service between the east coast of the United States and England. Since then, we were establishing other long haul routes with Clipper, Pan American until disposed of flights to destinations around the world.

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