BitTorrent – A P2P

The method used by BitTorrent to distribute files in many respects is similar to that used by eDonkey 2000 network, but generally the nodes in the network share and down larger amounts of files, reducing the available bandwidth for each transfer. BitTorrent transfers are usually very fast since all the nodes in a focus group to transfer a single file or a collection thereof. Besides the eDonkey2000 protocol does not reward users who share a higher bandwidth. However, we must clarify that the most widespread client for the eDonkey, eMule, it incorporates a credit system to reward the most share.

Unlike other sharing networks, BitTorrent does not include a file search mechanism. BitTorrent users will find on their own torrent files required by the protocol. Typically, these files can be downloaded from websites that publish large files (such as GNU / Linux) or from web search indexes (such as The Pirate Bay, or Bitgle Ktorrents).

Throughout 2010 began to be felt a new client called Tribler which implements a distributed search system, which does not depend on any server to locate a file, this implies a total independence of trackers for download, though of course can coexist with the traditional web search and trackers.

BitTorrent was originally set to Python but today you can find clients written in C or Java for example.

According CacheLogic BitTorrent in 2005 was used in particular in Asia, while eDonkey2000 is preferred in Europe and America.


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