Best Buy – The History to Buy

1966 – Richard M. Schulze and his business partner James Wheeler opened Sound of Music, a business specializing in audio, in Saint Paul, Minnesota
* 1967 – Sound of Music acquires Kencraft Hi-Fi Company and Bergo Company. The second and third branch of Sound of Music was opened near the University of Minnesota. Sound of Music ends its first year of sales with a profit of $ 173,000 (USD).
* 1979 – Sound of Music was the first to offer video and laserdisc equipment of including Panasonic, Magnavox, Sony and Sharp Corporation
1981 – A tornado reaches the branch of Roseville, Minnesota on June 14. Sound of Music responds with a “Tornado Sale” and becomes an annual event.
* 1983 – The Sound of Music directors approved a new corporate name: Best Buy Co., Inc., and opens its first ‘superstore’ in Burnsville, Minnesota, featured an expanded retail space.
* 1997 – Best Buy is the first U.S. retail offer DVD software and hardware.
* 2000 – Best Buy enters Internet sales with the launch of your site, the cassettes are removed from almost all branches.

Branch of Future Shop in Halifax

* 2001 – Best Buy acquires Canadian company Future Shop Ltd., marking the company’s entry into the international market;
* 2002 – Brad Anderson succeeds Schulze as CEO, Best Buy acquired Geek Squad, and the first Best Buy Canada opened in Mississauga, Ontario east of Toronto

Best Buy branch in Shanghai, China.

* 2007 – June 26, opens the first Best Buy in China. Best Buy is the first retailer to exit the analog television business, offering only digital products.
* 2008 – Best Buy announced the launch of the first branches in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Turkey, as well as another branch in Shanghai. Best Buy decided to promote the Blu-ray over HD DVD. Best Buy also announced it will open superstores in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Also announced it will begin selling musical instruments and related products in about 70 of its branches, causing the company is the second largest retailer of musical instruments in the United States.
* 2009 – Best Buy acquires 50 percent of The Phone House


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