Barclays – History of the Banking Eagle

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The bank was founded in 1690 in London. The name “Barclays” associated with the organization since 1736, when James Barclay, son of one of the founders, became his business partner. In 1728, the bank was established at 54 Lombard Street, and identified since the symbol of the black eagle with outspread wings, which eventually became part of their identity.

* 1896 – Several banks in London and the provinces of England, Backhouse’s Bank of Darlington and Gurney’s Bank of Norwich’s most notable, were united under the name of Barclays and Co., a banking corporation.
* 1905-1916 – Acquisitions of small English banks that allow you to extend your network.
* 1918 – Barclays Merger of the London, Provincial and South Western Bank.
1919 – The British Linen Bank was acquired by Barclays Bank, although it maintained its own board of directors and separate accounts.
1965 – Barclays established its U.S. subsidiary, Barclays Bank of California, San Francisco.
1966 – Barclaycard launched the first credit card in the UK.
* 1967 – Barclays launched the first ATM in Enfield, north London.
* 1969 – The planned merger between Barclays, the Martins Bank and Lloyds Bank is vetoed by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.
* 1969 – It approved the acquisition of Martins Bank.
* 1969 – The British Linen Bank was sold to Bank of Scotland in exchange for 25% of the shares of this (effective operation since March 1971).
* 1984 – Barclays achieved record earnings, because of operations in South Africa
* 1985 – Barclays Bank and Barclays Bank International were merged as part of a reorganization, whereby the Barclays Bank PLC became a holding group, renamed as Barclays PLC. Retail banking in the UK was built in the form of BBI, and renamed Barclays Bank PLC.
* 1986 – Barclays sells its operators in South Africa after protests against Barclays involvement in apartheid. That same year acquired Zoete & Bevan and Wedd Durlacher to form BZW, and take advantage of stock market boom in the London Stock Exchange.
* 1988 – Barclays sells Barclays Bank of California to Wells Fargo Bank, NA
* 1994 – Edgar Pearce, the “Mardi Gras Bomber”, begins a campaign of terror against the bank and against the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.
* 1996 – Barclays buys Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors (WFNIA) and merged with BZW Investment Management and Barclays Global Investors.
* 1998 – BZW is divided and partly sold to Credit Suisse First Boston. Business retains the debt that forms the foundation of what is now Barclays Capital.
* 1999 – In an unusual move as part of the current trend free ISPs, Barclays set up an Internet service called This entity was acquired by British Telecom in 2001. [6]
* 2000 – Acquisition of Woolwich plc (formerly Woolwich Building Society).
* 2001 – Barclays closed 171 branches in the UK, many of them in rural areas.
* 2003 – Barclays corporation bought the U.S. credit card companies Juniper Bank to CIBC and reorganized as “Barclays Bank Delaware.” Acquired Banco Zaragozano, the eleventh in size of Spain.
* 2004 – Barclayscard takes over as sponsor of the Premier League.
* 2005 – Barclays took control of Absa Group Limited, the largest retail bank in South Africa, acquiring 54% stake on 27 July.
* 2006 – Barclays bought HomEq maintenance company for $ 469 million in cash at the Wachovia Corp.
* 2006 – Barclays acquired Comparetheloan finance website.
* 2006 – announced plans to reorganize the sections of Woolwich branches as part of the Barclays. Woolwich becomes the name of the mortgage section of Barclays.
* 2007 – Barclays announced the purchase of the rights of the Barclays Center, an arena for 18 thousand people in Brooklyn (New York), where the New Jersey Nets planned to be located.
* 2007 – Announced merger with Dutch bank ABN AMRO (actually the interest was purchased). A contraopferta was made by the Royal Bank of Scotland in conjunction with the Belgian bank Fortis and Banco Santander of Spain, united under the name of RFS (Royal / Fortis / Santander}.
* 2007 – Barclays agreed to buy EquiFirst Corporation Regions Financial Corporation for $ 225 million.
* 2007 – Barclays withdrew its bid for ABN AMRO giving way to the RBS made the acquisition.
* 2007 – Barclays Personal Investment Management announced the closure of its international office in Peterborough and its reopening in Glasgow, and fired about 900 employees.
* 2008 – Barclays acquired the credit card section of Amazon for $ 70 million getting 1.7 million customers and $ 3 000 9 million in debt receivables.
* 2008 – Barclays bought and controlled the Russian retail bank Expobank for $ 745 million.
* 2008 – Barclays launched its operations in Pakistan with $ 100 million.


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