Automotive: a report wants to tighten legislation on CO2 emissions

Tightening legislation on CO2 emissions from vehicles, promoting the “stop and start” or reduce the residential parking: it is recommended that a government report on “clean” vehicles on Wednesday.
The report prepared by the Centre for Strategic Analysis – the successor to the Planning Commission – the reduction of pollution associated with the car go through a development of electric vehicles but also by “improving combustion vehicles.”"A 50% reduction in unit consumption compared to 2007 is reasonably possible in the long term,” say the authors.The rise of the power faces a number of barriers already known: lack of autonomy and charging infrastructure. Moreover, “in most cases, the all-electric vehicle (excluding prices of the battery) is not less than the equivalent thermal complete”.
“The cost per mile of electric vehicles is most often between 20% and 100% higher than that of an equivalent conventional vehicle use, depending on the number of miles driven yearly,” the report said.This is that “so do not expect a burst of all-electric on the market” in the short term, the report says, for whom the reduction of CO2 emissions must first pass through a reduction in allowed emissions to 70g/km for new cars and the requirement for automakers, “within a maximum period of three years (de) equip new vehicles with a device automatically cuts the engine when the vehicle is stop “.Another effective measure would be to reduce parking by gradually increasing its tariff.
To encourage the development of electric vehicles, the report also advocates a change in methods of energy consumption to better assess their real autonomy, to establish safety standards for charging stations and strengthen the system of bonus-malus


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