ATI Technologies – History

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ATI was founded by Kwok Yuen Ho (born in China), Benny Lau and Lee Lau (both born in Hong Kong). Ho, the youngest son of a humble family, had to alternate study with work in the field. He graduated in Electronic Engineering career and began a successful career through businesses Philips Electronics and Wong’s Electronics Co. Ltd where he gained a great experience, until in 1984 he emigrated to Canada.

Kwok Yuen Ho could no longer work in jobs of their liking as he developed in his previous period in Asia, the first few months in Canada were tough, but was lucky enough to meet the immigrants also Benny Lau and Lee Lau with similar concerns him, and founded Array Technology Inc.. This was a graphics company but the final project was devoted to computers but this needed a lot of capital so they had to start saving with this humble company.

The beginnings were very difficult, the template was only 6 people including 3 founders and due to having no support for the capital was running until a few months after its foundation had to borrow money to keep going. The market demanded and ATI graphics chip with Commodore signed an agreement whereby the company would supply, and it was thus exceeded the initial hump at the end of 1986 the company had increased its capital and produced more than 7 thousands of graphics chips 2D week.


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