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Ares Galaxy, popularly known as Ares is a P2P file distribution created in mid-2002. It is free software and is developed in Delphi programming language for Microsoft Windows operating system. Currently you can use the Ares network of GNU / Linux by GIFT, or the official client running under Wine.

Ares originally worked with the Gnutella network, but six months after its creation in December 2002, we decided to start developing their own independent and decentralized network, mounted on a P2P network architecture type “leaf nodes-and-supernodes “providing a broadcasting-type search inspired by the architecture of the Gnutella P2P network, was born and began what would be the Ares Galaxy network. Many supporters of the program claim that it has search and download speeds higher than other P2P clients, in addition to fast network connection.

For a while, Ares Galaxy contains adware that was acceptable or not during the installation of this program, but its developers to realize that it was unethical adware withdrew all their installation packages.

The program was very popular among users because of the speed and flexibility of the protocol, the possibility of creating a network chat rooms, ease of use, among other things. Because of the advantages of this program and the loss of popularity of Kazaa, the small decentralized project, if an experimental network with less than 10,000 users, quickly became a large-scale network with approximately one million users in 2005.

Ares Galaxy network grew apace, but the client to access it was not up to par, since the creators released versions of Ares Galaxy with a slow release to a year and each version was not always very different from above, only minor repairs were made between version and release. Because of this slow development of the client there were other alternative P2P clients, such as Warez P2P.

In the second half of 2005, the developers of Ares Galaxy, he realized how popular it proved to be his project and that were not enough to cope in the maintenance of the server or the development of the project and possibly for fear of a lawsuit because it was the time attacking the P2P developers (closure of the company eDonkey) – decided to change the free license of its program by a free license and thus transform it into free software under the GPL. Since then the project is on the site that offers free server and other options that allow easy monitoring of the development of free software.

In early 2007, Ares Galaxy reached version 2.0.9, which introduces significant changes in both the program and within the proposed development of Ares Galaxy. It has preserved the GUI based on Windows Vista operating system, compatibility with the BitTorrent protocol client that allows downloading content from the BitTorrent network and separation of the source code of chat that was within the code of Ares Galaxy and spent a be independent of the client, in addition to re-integrate the browser, which included the Gecko rendering engine, more efficient and faster than Trident, which was used in previous versions.

Already in 2008, became very common is a connection problem in version 2.0.9, which by that Ares will stay in state “connected” and it is because Ares only works on the user account that was installed (if it was as an administrator and then go to another account, the program stays in connecting). For this problem, out false solutions unofficial, based on small files to be placed in the folder of Ares. This solution worked but only partially, since it still had to use the program from the account that was originally installed at first. [Citation needed] On November 24, 2008 version 2.1.0 was released a year and a half after the previous release version. Version 2.1.0 solved this problem of connection. [1] Besides this, the P2P client introduces new changes: a reduction in time delay the program by connecting the first time you use it, added new skins (Esmeralda , Borravino and Bloody) besides the two already had (General and OsThemes), and modified the control panel chat.

Subsequently released version that no longer comes with built-in browser. The latest version is which has improvements in the way of uploading files and enhanced support for BitTorrent.

It is known that since they took the initiative to free Ares, was left to update the version “lite” of this P2P client, which was stranded in version 1.8.1 for unknown reasons and is now considered discontinued when no receive any update since September 2005 but is still online at their official website to download the client and its source code.


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