Are My Customers Loyal?

Every business owner, especially those who are just starting out with a new franchise or new business, should understand the importance of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty can benefit an individual two fold. Firstly, if a business owner establishes good customer loyalty, they will have an extended customer base that is attracted to their store. If the customer service is good enough, and they may even refuse to shop anywhere else but that store. Secondly, the person who has a good customer base with solid support will soon find that they are getting new customers from people who are extremely satisfied. How does someone ensure customer satisfaction?

Just How Important Is Customer Satisfaction, Anyway?

Many people may wonder how important customer satisfaction really is. With the World Wide Web, television, and thousands of ways to get new customers, less focus is put on keeping current customers and more focus is put obtaining new customers. Keeping current consumers happy is just as important, however.

If one does not make an active attempt to keep current shoppers happy, they will likely not use the store for business again. They may also write negative things about the business online and bad mouth the business. Once something is online, it is very difficult to remove, especially if it is on an independent website or blog. Many people look online first to get information about new businesses. Make sure that the businesses online reputation is a positive one.

Ask People to Complete a Simple Survey

Many businesses, both large and small, have found it extremely effective to perform customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys allow an individual to assess how good the company really is and get feedback from customers.

Some feedback will be positive. Some may appear negative. Take all feedback with a grain of salt, good and bad. Customers can over exaggerate and can over simplicity. Make sure that what is said is actually true and did happen before reacting, especially in the event that the feedback is negative. If someone is worried about having a survey, they could offer a small token of appreciation for individuals who take part in it.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

There are many ways to reward loyal customers. Many people keep coming back to specific stores because of this reward. One could easily launch a rewards program and look at the popularity of it to help with getting repeat customers. Before launching one of these programs, take some time to think about what works for other businesses to implement it in the one that the business is attempting to create. If one’s reward program takes off very well, this is a sure sign that customers are getting to like the business.

Sandra C. Delosreyes is a freelance writer. She has worked as a customer service representative in the past, and now covers issues surrounding customer loyalty, service, satisfaction, etc. Her work has been published by many websites and small businesses, including this one.


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