Apple unveils new iPhone

The media picked by Apple for a press conference at its headquarters in Cupertino (California) expected Tuesday to discover the fifth variation within five years of the iPhone, the benchmark for smartphone.

The new CEO Tim Cook, in office since the withdrawal of the charismatic boss founder Steve Jobs in August for health reasons, should play for the first time the role of master of ceremonies, marking the beginning of a new era for the group.

“For a moment all eyes will be on San Francisco, where much of the activity will stop when Apple introduce the iPhone 5,” predicted analyst Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies Associates.

“This event will be the first release of Tim Cook as the undisputed boss of Apple, so it will be a test for him,” he added.

Question equipment, experts had forecast a device generally thinner but with a larger screen than its predecessors, with better camera and a more powerful processor. Some speculate on adapting the device to the next generation 4G networks.

Apple, as usual, has almost nothing leaked, fueling expectations the better. According to the advertising Inmoba, 41% of users of “smartphones” in the United States, Canada and Mexico plan to buy the “iPhone 5.”

More than half of BlackBerry users may abandon the Canadian manufacturer RIM, as a quarter (27%) of the owners of a phone on Android (Google), provides Inmoba.

At Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White believes that the level of demand – while the update of the range comes about three months later than in previous years – could trigger sales records on the day of arrival on the market, perhaps next week.

Besides the release of a second aircraft cheaper, if the rumor is confirmed, could help to attract thrifty buyers.

Question networks, Apple should expand further the number of its partners. While until the early years of the U.S. operator AT & T had an exclusive on this range, before having to share the number one in the U.S. Verizon, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the number three Sprint in decline, would in turn access to the iPhone. It would be the price of a huge investment, amounted to around $ 20 billion by the newspaper.

But it is above the capabilities of the operating system that industry experts expected changes.

In August, the French operator Orange had left leaks on the internet that “the iPhone 5″ accompanied by a “modification induced purposes.”

“The important thing is not at all the iPhone is the icloud”, told AFP analyst Rob Enderle: This is a system for online storage of music, photos and other programs downloaded from the Apple devices.

Affect an observer, Robert Scoble, for his table on a tight integration of the IOS operating system from Apple with the community site Facebook.

“Apple needs to add behaviors Facebook community operating system, so that Facebook members buy (its) appliances rather than Android (system designed by Google) or Windows” (Microsoft), argued M . Scoble – Google +’s account.

In the background of this event hover concerns about the health of Steve Jobs, who survived pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009.


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