Apple soon to launch its streaming music service

Apple has already managed to conclude agreements with EMI, Warner and Sony, to launch a music service streaming cloud, reports Bloomberg . Universal would be the last. This service would allow iTunes users can access their music library from any Internet-connected device, thus avoiding having to sync iTunes on all their devices. Offer a priori similar, therefore, to the recently launched Google . The details could be provided on June 6, at Apple’s conference for developers.

The offer Apple still present several differences with those of Google and Amazon, which are really just storage space in the cloud. First, Apple users are not forced to upload their entire music library to Apple’s servers, thanks to agreements with record companies. Indeed, these agreements allow Apple to provide access to music provided by record companies (only one copy per title), and not uploaded by individual users.

Then, according to Techcrunch , which has unearthed a patent filed by the company in 2009, the Apple service could store some files locally, thus eliminating part of the problem of the connection (not connected, no access to the service ).


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