Apple reorganizes forums

Apple has kicked nine to its technical support forums, renamed ” Apple Support Communities “. Open to all, they can exchange experiences and advice when something is wrong with the hardware or software. Although several nationalities meet there, there are exchanges in English. And you can subscribe to RSS contextual son to follow the evolution of a discussion.

The topics have been rearranged so that their presentation and gateways between other similar exchanges. Conversations have adopted a presentation to iChat, some messages can be described with a system as Facebook (a button “I”) and the tools to participate are (slightly) more sophisticated. With the backing of a text editor with formatting options and the ability to attach a picture about it to better describe the problem (an icon is also provided for video, but it is disabled).

Most titles have been aligned, sometimes curiously, and the “Your stuff” … and other details on the iPad , the main column that contains the major categories for each hardware or software can be scrolled, the elevator does not appear in Mobile Safari … But there is still the IOS in the air with menus that look the same on the mobile OS.

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