Apple offered $ 800 million to acquire DropBox

At least that tells us that the site Business Insider . The Cupertino company would have made ​​a proposal for redemption DropBox to acquire it for the modest sum of $ 800 million . Even if this does not seem illogical, this information is still to be taken lightly, for several reasons.

First, the information collected by Business Insider is by what we used to call a reliable source, since apparently this information come from a conversation would have heard a member of Business Insider between two people. The 2nd reason, and not least, is the founder of DropBox , Drew Houston, just invest a thousand million dollars in the company . This means that Drew Houston is certainly not about to write off $ 200 million just like that.

DropBox would certainly be a very good investment for Apple . DropBox is primarily a company that is profitable, with $ 100 million this year which would justify further that Apple makes an extra effort. In addition, it appears as one of the most interesting companies on the market for Apple . The acquisition of DropBox by Apple would allow it to surround the expertise of employees DropBox for its future storage service icloud .

For those not familiar with this company, DropBox is a service for storing and sharing files online. What is the strength of DropBox is its accessibility through any web browser, but using a multi-customer operating systems.

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