Apple is fighting for the name “app store”

The service of Amazon ” Android Appstore “, launched in mid March, caused the initiation of the judicial war machine from Apple .
For the Cupertino company, the name looks a little too much to his own “App Store” for IOS, which he filed in 2008.But Amazon, like Microsoft and several others of new technologies including Nokia , HTC and Sony Ericsson, the name “app store” is a generic term and can therefore not entitled to protection granted to marks.
An appeal against the trademark application was filed in January 2011 in the United States and in Europe in April.”App Store” signifying nothing other than “app store” and the term “app” (short for applications) existing before the arrival of the iPhone , Apple could lose its trademark rights.Indeed, on both sides of the Atlantic, it is impossible to file a generic term. There is no such mark “toy store” as an argument given by Microsoft.
But Amazon did not wait for the court decision, and the brand is still officially the property of Apple, both companies are squabbling for more than two months before the California courts.Apple asked the court to require Amazon to change their names (plus allowances and legal fees).Amazon has responded by citing the definitions of “blind” and “app” in the Oxford Dictionary Fran├žais, especially citing the words of Steve Jobs, Apple’s PD-G, who said in October 2010 that the App Store Apple was ” the easiest to use and the largest app store in the world, pre-installed on every iPhone “.
Apple has replied on May 19 , explaining that deny “based on their definitions, the words” app store “means a store together for app” . Apple also denies that the term “app store” is commonly used in the computer industry to speak of any mobile application store.


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