Apple: iPhone coated Liquidmetal 5 right?

The rumor goes about a new generation Apple smartphone before summer.

Without confirmation of the “Make the apple” was used. Especially since the latest rumors are not dated to simplify the equation.

Analyst with Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster confirms the uncertainty. The applicant believes that Apple will have to wait until October. In case of repeated delays in the production of radio chips. Qualcomm would find it difficult to keep pace.

Another rumor, the Cupertino company would implement a new device in its 4 inch screen which would rule with the only format in place since the beginning of the adventure iPhone, in this case 3.5 inches.

The idea to implement Gorilla Glass for the touch panel on the front seems nevertheless excluded.

In contrast, the introduction discusses the back of a Liquidmetal frame work of the company of the same name.

Emblem of strength, this alloy of copper, nickel, titanium and zirconium terminal that gives a team especially valuable light on the move.

In 2010, Apple has put on the table $ 30 million to grant the rights to use the technology, reports

Remains an enthronement of the iPhone 5 delayed until the fall would leave the field open to competition qu’emmènera the Galaxy S3, 10 million pre-orders at the counter, spearheading the rebellion.

Its orbit is scheduled on May 3 with a conference in London.

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