Android and Windows 7 Will Lead in 2015

According to a study conducted by IDC on mobile operating systems, Android Phone and Windows 7 would be pretty far ahead iOS models, by 2015. It also gives accurate predictions of market shares of each of the actors in this platform that continues to grow.

Thus, analysis (predictions?) conducted by IDC include not only a market expected to double in 2011, with no less than 450 million smartphones sold this year, but also more precise figures on the next 4 years.

As a result, Android would have 45.4% market share in 2015, while Apple would reap 15.3% while Microsoft would make a nice breakthrough, with 20.9% market share.

Symbian just sink straight down, with a tiny 0.2% market share by four years. Normal, since Microsoft and its agreement with Nokia, is expected to change this.

In light of these figures, it is difficult to assume anything in the future on the market very volatile operating systems for smartphones. These evolving in advertisements and offers from manufacturers. See you in 2015 to assess the veracity (or not) of these predictions!

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