Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank was registerd on 20 November, 1923 and finally started its business on 28 November 1923. It started business with paid up capital of 1.00 lakh and authrised capital of 10.00 Lakhs. But according to the latest report of 30.06.2008, the bank has total capotal of Rs 83256 crores and total clientbase is 1.74 crores. This bank has 2139 Business Delivery Channels consisting of 1371 branches, 66 Extension Counters, 38 Satellite Offices and 664 ATMs spread over 21 States and 2 Union Territories and all banks are fully computerized. All the braches provide the NEFT and RTGS fund transfer facility.Trhis bank provides all kinds of loan-Housing loan


* Age 21 to 65 years.

* Repayment maximum 20 years.

* 75% of cost of construction OR 85% of Registration value for outright

purchase as loan

* Purchase of House: Age of independent house should not be more

than 25 years.

* Age of the flat should not be more than 20 years.

* No guarantee / co obligation.

These are the entire facilities loan up to 20 lakhs but if you want more than

it then here is the criteria

* Age 21 to 65 years.

* Repayment maximum 20 years (including gestation period)

* Gestation Period: For Construction of purchase of flats- Maximum 18

months or taking possession whichever is earlier.

This bank also provides the vehicle loan and eligibility is

Any individual having minimum gross income of Rs. 1.00 lac per annual for

4 wheelers and Rs. 60,000 /- p.a for 2 wheelers.

The requirmets of study loan is

* Must be an Indian National

* Must be over 12 years of age but within 30 years

* Secured admission to Professional/ Technical courses through

Entrance Test/ Selection Process.

* No minimum qualifying marks.

Here one can take loan against gold also.

This bank offers Debit and Credit card from Visa and mastercard both.

Being an account holder of this bank anyone is eligible for Debit card.

The bank provides all the payment modes like OLTAS, RTGS, NEFT and


This bank provides the depost services like-

AB Savings Accounts

AB Current Accounts

AB Term Deposits

AB Arogyadaan Scheme

AB Bancassurance Life

AB Bancassurance (Non Life).

Technical services provided by this bank are-

Multi City Cheque Facility

On-Line Tax Accounting System (OLTAS)

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Instant Funds Transfer

ATM Services

Any Branch Banking

Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)

National Electronic Funds Transfer

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