An update allows Adobe Flash on iPad

Adobe has released an update for Flash Media Server, which will enable the delivery of content on devices from Apple.

” With Flash Media Server 4.5, publishers can extend their media distribution via devices that support Flash, with the ability to provide new video content to iPhones and the iPad. They will be able to reach a wider audience ” , says the company.

This announcement is a setback for Apple, which has adamantly refused to include Flash in its mobile devices. For professionals, this is good news. They can now push the same stream to IOS devices, but also to all other devices that support Flash.

FMS 4.5 can indeed repackage content in real time, changing the protocol to fit the target terminal.

Another new announcement: Flash Access 3.0 for Android, which includes new security measures allow publishers to charge for their content on devices (Flash Player 11 will work with Adobe Air and 3, the output of which is imminent).


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