AMEX – History of American Express

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AmEx began operations in Buffalo, United States, March 18, 1850 as a rail service carrying charges and values throughout the territory of the United States. Due to the increasing demand for these services, quickly and safely, AmEx began focusing on financial services, giving much more confidence in the business travel of those times. Due to the success, AmEx began service of twists and travelers checks. Marcellus Berry, an employee of American Express, created the spin or “Money Order” in 1882, forerunner of the Travel Voucher that was an absolute necessity for both domestic and international travelers.
American Express headquarters.

After the international expansion and high demand to the travel industry, AmEx launched purchase card known as “The American Express card, issuing more than one million in the U.S. and Canada. In 1970, this card was already accepted at over 121,000 establishments and already accepted 11 types of coins.

In April 1986, AmEx moved to what is now headquartered, the American Express Tower or the Three World Financial Center in New York.

The company’s earnings in the first quarter of 2009 were U.S. $ 437 million, representing a fall of 56% over the same period of 2008, because customers spent 16% during that time.

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