Amazon rushes into the race for coupons

Amazon also wants a piece of cake “daily deals”. Launched on June 2 in the city of Boise, Idaho, AmazonLocal is not a clone of Groupon. In addition to its own deals, the service will aggregate indeed offers from other sites combined purchase of coupons. Starting with those of LivingSocial, in which the giant e-commerce has invested U.S. $ 175 million in December.

To convince merchants to bid on AmazonLocal, e-shopping reminds them that his clients spend on average 70% more each month on the Internet than the average Internet user. In addition, a study by the Reputation Institute conducted in 2011, Amazon is the most renowned brand of the United States. Its 120 million active customers can also access the new service with their Amazon login, without opening an additional account.

After Yahoo and Google in December and Facebook in April, all U.S. Web giants have now put their experiments on the niche of coupons.


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