Amazon kindles rumors of a tablet

The online retailer launched Friday invitations to an event scheduled for Wednesday in New York, fueling rumors about the imminent release of a new multimedia tablet competitor of the Apple iPad.

The invitation does not specify the theme of the event.

Amazon has not confirmed its intention to launch a tablet, which would be its second foray into the hardware sector after the Kindle reading light, but last month an analysis of a specialist in this segment had already predicted the success.

“The fact that Amazon is willing to sell hardware at a loss, combined with the strength of the brand, content, infrastructure cloud computing and its business assets make it the only credible competitor to the iPad on the market, “explained Sarah Rothma Epps, of Forrester Research.

“If Amazon launches a shelf under $ 300, assuming it has enough stock to meet demand, we believe that Amazon could sell 3 to 5,000,000 in fourth quarter alone,” she added.

Amazon, which Apple already competition in the distribution of digital goods, books, films and videos, with this tablet intensify its competition with the manufacturer in California, a pioneer and leader in the market shelves, it sold 9.25 million of units in the second quarter.

No other manufacturer has been able so far to shake the dominance of the Apple brand. Hewlett-Packard announced in mid-August he gave up his tablet TouchPad, launched in July, due to disappointing sales.

Thursday, Gartner expected a new explosion market shelves next year, with an increase of 62% to over 103 million units, after a more than tripling of the market between 2010 and 2011. This year the iPad would still represent over 73% of the world.


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