Amazon – History of the Online Store

Jeffrey Bezos, ‘s owner, dropped a famous company where he worked on Wall Street when, at age 30, saw the evolution / revolution of the Internet and emerging envisioned a new business that nobody had thought.

In 1994 he left New York for the Pacific and was behind venture capital.

Found four places free of state taxes, and chose Seattle because there was one of the largest distributors of books, the company Ingram.

And with twenty items in mind to be the product key for your startup, chose the books in July 1995 and there began to

In 2000, 36, predicted to reach one billion dollars in sales, but already in 1999 ended the year with 1.6 billion dollars, 8.4 million customers and three times more than the year before (1998) .

And recently in December 2007, bought the book “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” author JK Rowling at auction for about 7 million.


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