Amazon Cloud Drive Makes MP3 Access Over Cloud

In the U.S., Amazon has unveiled its music service storage in the cloud accessible from the Web browser.

Expected for quite some time, Google Music would be getting closer with tests conducted internally by Google. A solution that would include its online music store and being able to listen from any device connected.

Apple also prepare a music hosting service, but it is Amazon that has blown their politeness. Amazon, Apple and Google, three players found in a similar struggle around the digital book.

Currently only announced in the U.S., Amazon Cloud Drive is an appendix of Web Service Online Storage Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). The music storage is free within a limit of 5 GB to 20 GB that passes for one year from the purchase of an album via Amazon MP3. All shares acquired through this platform are also saved directly to Cloud Drive, without influence on the storage quota assigned.

Cloud Drive can accommodate AAC or MP3 and does not alter the original bitrate. Access is via a listening Cloud Player for the Web that is currently supported by Internet Explorer (version 8 minimum), Firefox (3.5 and higher), Safari and Chrome for Mac computer (not Opera) with JavaScript enabled. Access from smartphones is also relevant (Android and not IOS).

Amazon Cloud Drive allows storage of videos, pictures and documents (any type of file). One possibility proposed with access only from the computer.


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