All Peers – Much Hyped

AllPeers extension was a freeware, closed source for Mozilla Firefox. The extension allowed to build a social network and share files using the P2P model. He used the style of communication darknet peer-to-peer, the files and information sharing among users were only available to users who are in their access lists – its’ private network of trust. “AllPeers beta version was released on August 24, 2006, and in March 2008, through a statement on its official blog, the creators of this application said they deactivated the service due to low subscriber growth was below what investors expected.

Worked in the Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac OS X, once downloaded, it became a toolbar in Firefox.

Even though it is proprietary software, using open source technology BitTorrent. the extension does not require opening any ports. AllPeers encrypts your communication using standard protocols such as SSL to protect the user from listening to third parties. [2] In the initial launch of the beta AllPeers had 200,000 lines of C + + code and JavaScript.

This application was also to allow instant messaging with people you are sharing files.


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