Adobe wants to facilitate and secure enterprise collaboration

IDC presented this morning the results of a study commissioned by the publisher Adobe entitled “The Revolution of trade governance, new challenges of individual and collective effectiveness.”As such cryptic cache did a study on the different uses of documents used in business and in particular the opportunities for collaboration and security they offer.

IDC conducted a survey in May 2011 on behalf of Adobe from 329 employees of various profiles (administrative, sales and marketing or technical) within the structures of more than 100 employees from private and public sector in France.This is an opportunity used by Adobe to present its advanced uses of the PDF and Acrobat.The IDC study identified three major themes emerging uses in industry: the dematerialization, mobility and collaboration.Dematerialization, for starters, is already widely adopted in the professional world with 81% of companies using mainly electronic documents (72% in utilities).This trend accompanies a shift to enterprise mobility. Respondents estimate that 20% of their working time is spent “outside their office and 5% at home.

As a result, employees want their documents to be readable on all platforms, a PC to a smartphone.And 51% of the exchanged documents are received by employees on a laptop or portable media.IDC also announced that for the first time in 2011 as sales of laptops in business exceed those of desktop PCs “and that smartphone sales exceed those of conventional mobile phones.”

But this change is not without difficulty. 84% of respondents claim to have difficulties “in the process of collaboration around a document”
In order of importance, these problems have simultaneous access to the document version management and collection of data or information.But IDC states that the main problem is security.52% of them have no security process, 25% have but do not use it for lack of staff training, and only 23% of companies use them “effectively”.Knowing that 63% of respondents said they share confidential data with the outside, and 81% doing the same internally, the problem may be important.

To secure these exchanges, the principal would need, according to respondents, the traceability of document dissemination, and use of electronic signatures.

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