A Google Day

The U.S. internet group Google has today launched a daily game in English right now, putting a stick to users to encourage them to test or improve their ability to use its search engine.

The game “A Google Day” (a Google per day) poses a question every day on the page and in the daily agoogleaday.com New York Times , just above the daily crossword.

The site allows you to find the answer, and a method for discovering it. The newspaper also revealed each day the answer to the question of the day, said an official from Google on the company’s official blog.

“As with traditional crossword puzzles, the difficulty of the questions increases throughout the week, so Thursday or Friday, even the most seasoned users of the search engine can be eliminated,” the official said, Dan Russell.

All questions are for the moment at least, asked in English. On Monday, the question of the day was: “I have signed two future president. Two have not done so because they were abroad. Despite my importance, observers seem to think that today I have a huge spelling mistake. Who am I?


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