A Cooler Computer, soon a reality?

Swiss scientists are currently working on developing a computer that, unlike today’s PCs, would cease to generate heat but is also capable of producing cold.

In the race to miniaturization , a technical problem will soon arise. Indeed, the more computer processors are small and compact, they generate heat. This temperature prevents eventually pursue in this direction, as explained by Professor of theoretical physics at ETH Zurich (ETH), Renato Renner.

It is from this observation that a team of researchers Swiss have sought to develop a computer ” quantum “, capable of producing cold rather than heat. A team member told the AFP that, for now, ” it is only a purely theoretical ” but he also said that within 30 years, new more powerful computers and “cooled” could be marketed. The experimental phase which must soon take place will be held at the University of Singapore.

As the researchers explain, erasure and data as possible on today’s computers is a process that releases energy. Also, ETHZ physicists seek to develop a PC that could make the erasure reversible and, thus, to identify the cold instead of hot. Only a quantum computer, much faster than those we are currently installed will be capable of that. They would indeed be able to archive data by atom, or over 100 times more than conventional computers, which require several hundreds of atoms to store one bit of information.


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