9 Essential Apps for MBA Students

Today’s MBA student has a wealth of resources in an easy-to-access format through apps for smartphones and tablets. Many of these apps will help you get through your college days and keep you informed as you begin your new career after you graduate.

1. Pocket MBA

Pocket MBA, released by ComboApp, is designed to help you get through your entire MBA program. It is an overview course that covers everything you need to know as a business student. The app is an excellent supplement to your regular classes and provides real-world situational learning as well as theoretical learning.

2. Evernote

Evernote is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry devices. The app allows you to gather information into organized notes in any situation. You can capture images, spoken information, videos, and web screenshots through the same app. Evernote arranges all of the information so it can be easily accessed later.

3. Dropbox

This app creates a safe place to store and access files from any computer. You upload your school documents to the Dropbox where they will be stored until you access them again. This is perfect if you use more than one computer or device to do homework. The app is also a safety net that preserves documents if you have a computer crash.

4. MBA for iPhone and iPad

Through flash cards, tutorials, quizzes, and other interactive features, this app teaches you all of the business basics. The MBA app also connects to Facebook so that you can share information with friends or other students.

5. The Wall Street Journal Mobile

Every serious MBA student should have access to the Wall Street Journal. The mobile version allows you to purchase a subscription or buy the issues individually. You get all of the same features of the print version in a searchable format that won’t get print stains on your fingers.

6. Fortune Magazine

Fortune is another magazine that is a must-have for MBA students. Download special mobile features like current stock quotes and charts when you shift your subscription to the mobile version from the print version.

7. Instapaper

This app lets you download long articles or business documents so you can read them later. The downloads are available to read even if you don’t have an internet connection, which means you can access them anytime from anywhere. Instapaper documents can be saved from the internet or from e-mail attachments for later use.

8. GoToMeeting

Available for the iPhone or iPad, GoToMeeting creates a virtual meeting environment from anywhere. If you have a camera, you can even participate with other people in the meeting face to face. GoToMeeting lets you hear everything that is going on and it gives you access to slides or other multimedia presentations as well.

9. Thomson Reuters Marketboard

Keep track of global markets, trends, and the latest news with this app. You can customize the lists to track specific companies that you want to follow, review portfolios, and read company reports on your iPhone or iPad. The Marketboard app is valuable for students and professionals who need to keep an eye on market performance with up to the minute news and reports.

These app suggestions come from JustColleges.com, where students can locate MBA degree programs as well as vocational programs like the ones found at http://www.justcolleges.com/career-colleges/subject/medical-billing-coding-insurance.htm.


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