8 New Features of iPhone OS 4.0

  1. Multitasking : Apple adds seven multitasking features namely
    • Background audio streaming
    • Voice over IP
    • Background location
    • Push notifications
    • Local notifications
    • Task completion
    • Fast app switching with organizing apps this was a must for iPhone.
  2. iBooks is available for iPhone now (Wonder so why was iPad released).
  3. Apple wants to serve you Ads on your iphone and so it is loading iAd on iPhone which is built within the OS itself.(Apple should be able to give iPhone free someday).
  4. Apple has released many new user features for iPhone some of them would be rotate photos, play list creation and ability to gift apps.
  5. Apple iPhone will allow users to organize their iphone apps in folders.
  6. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 will allow its users to pull email from any pop3 email account.
  7. Apple iPhone will make its emails more secure by encyrting it.
  8. Apple iPhone will support SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco.

I think new OS will enable some new releases of iPhone accessories.

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