5 Ways to Send Real-Life Gifts To Your Twitter Friends

Twitter is the one social network becoming famous in youngsters the reason behind it features. This online nature website allows you to find the physical address of people you follow so sending some gift in real will not be problematic. If you think to send a real time gift to twitter friend then we are going to discuss 5 ways to send Real-life gifts to your twitter friends.

1. ParcelGenie: It is the process which allows you to send some affordable gifts to twitter friends. Here you will be getting the categories to select the kind of gift like fun, flirty, cheeky, cult and celebratory. You can select any category with love hearts and strawberry lip gloss as these are the most favorite items by everybody. Once you sing up to this site it will auto-select a gift for the follower from your list. Remember one thing this is a demo gift to provide you information about procedure for sending gift but only to followers. This option sends the gift only in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and few European countries. The gifts items which are available through this site are key rings, badges, candy, drinks, mugs, magnets, and some lower value gifts.

2. Tigerbow: It is another site which allows you to send the real gifts to friends through twitter id. The more grown up selection gives you option to send books and movies for all occasions. You can also send the greeting cards (Just like photos on twitpic ) to your twitter friends through this site. The best part of this feature is you can design your own card and send it in real. The gifts will be sent to US citizens only but cards can be sent worldwide. The items which can be used as gift items are flowers, cards, food items, T-shirts, book etc.

3. Twitgift: This site provides you limited items to use as gift. If you prefer to send cookies and eatable items to your twitter friend then you can use this site. You simply have to register to the site with twitter id and send gift to your friends. Some of the expensive items like jewelry and Nokia phone cases are also available which can be used as gift items. However, only US citizens can get the gifts.

4. Twegistry: an online portal which gives you selective products to send as a gift to twitter friend. You have to enter the twitter id and select the gift for friend. Payment could be done through paypal id. The only thing, you need here is your paypal id as the transaction money will be transferred through it. You can send flowers, candy, cakes, teddy bears and saucy undies through this site but it’s valid for US residents only.

5. Sendsocial: it is another site you can use to send a gift to twitter friend. This site is valid in UK only, but the gift item will be yours and can send through this site to any of the twitter user.

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