5 Ways to access twitter through iPhone

Twitter is really a revolutionary website available nowadays and it is gaining attention among people with every single day. People are becoming addicted to this site because it is the most effective and successful business marketing website. Numerous people are generating god amount of revenues from this website and of course everyone should take advantage of it. There are several ways to access Twitter through iPhone and here one can acquire clear insight of all the ways through which one can easily use twitter on iPhone. Internet has changed the lives of people and today almost everyone is taking advantage of it. Here are some of the effective ways to use this effectual website over iPhone.


SMS is the perfect way to stay in touch with all the friends and family members. Accessing social networking websites is just one or two taps away on your iPhone or any mobile device. If you have iPhone you can easily access twitter wherever you are and whenever you want. One of the best ways to access twitter is via SMS, or one can say text messaging. To use this service one just need to verify the number by registering on Twitter website. After verification one can start sending messages to anyone from anywhere you are sitting. It is very convenient to use this service as one just needs to type a message and send it to any specific number to which you want to send a message, that’s it!!

E-mail (TwitterMail)

TwitterMail is another service of iPhone through one can easily send emails to the people. Users just need to register on TwitterMail and give them your credentials and very shortly, they will provide you with TwitterMail email address. If one sends any email to the iPhone’s client, the email will directly posted at Twitter.com.

Instant Messenger

Twitter mainly supports lots of chat addresses like Jabber, Livejournal, AIM and Gtalk. There are other types of instant messengers available for the interested people which one can easily use on their iPhone. Also, users need to again verify their IM address with the official website of twitter. After registration one can use this amazing service uninterruptedly. One can see the instructions and procedures of verification on the twitter website.

Twitter Mobile Website

This option is available for people who do not want the other options like SMS or Email as one can connect with all the friends and family by browsing Twitter website: http://m.twitter.com/. It is very convenient to use and it can be used just like a normal website.

Pocket Tweets

Pocket tweets is a wonderful service provided by iPhone in which the users can see the latest tweets posted by all the contacts. Users can update their status remotely and they can see the worldwide happenings by using either Wi-Fi or Edge network. To know more about this service, one can visit http://pockettweets.com/ from the Safari browser of your iPhone.

So, above are the most effectual and most used ways to access twitter through iPhone and interestingly these are very easy to operate by any user.

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