5 reasons why should not buy the new ipad + 5

As soon a the new iPad was released the Apple crazy fan following was a buzz with whether they have to buy the new iPad or not.Really why should you buy a product when you see no new feature which pulls you to the Apple glass shop.As a proud owner of iPad 2 I had the same question and went to collect the following reasons why i should not buy the new iPad piece.


  • Reason 1: You already own an iPad

If you have an iPad2 then it still suits all your needs since the issues in the new iPad are being discovered and no guarantee what might surprise you like the battery issue in the new iPad.The new iPad features which you might not even notice in day today’s life so it is worth to hold to your loving device which you already own.

  • Reason 2: iPad 2 accessories which you already own may not necessarily work on the new iPad

Remember the new speaker stand you bought or the gaming accessory you enjoy with the iPad2.All those accessories which worked with the iPad2 are not guaranteed to work with the new iPad and it has been so long since you bought the accessory that even the vendor will not recognized it.Also there lot of people who just label the accessories as new iPad compatible but how far they have tested it is still a question.

  • Reason 3: There is no change in the size

If you happen to look at the new iPad you would have noticed that you are not able to distinguish it with its predecessor for the simple fact being that the new iPad has the same size as iPad2 and that makes it look exactly same.

  • Reason 4: The better display seems just a hype

Marketing gimic is just not the right word for retina display technology which the new Apple iPad displays.The technology differences are there but for a normal eye to make out difference would be a bit extreme task.If you are thinking of holding one of your photo which you know have both on your iPad2 and the new iPad then i think forget it.

  • Reason 5: 4G is expensive

For now the 4G technology which the new Apple iPad boosts about is still in premature status with many of the ISP and telecom vendors so when the whole world is still waiting for the 4G to become an bigger fruit, you are risking to eat the sour fruit.And if you are one of the few frequent flier who find passion in traveling then many countries are still not aware of the 4G technology.So better to hold on with the 3G technology as of now.The modems which allow you to connect to internet also might not be compatible with the new iPad.

  • Reason 6: There are lots of new tablets in the market which are worth a try.

If you are not so crazy with the Apple and wanted to try out some new device it is well worth to spend on the Galaxy tab from Samsung or buy a amazon Kindle fire to just look at what others are staring at.Imagine the power of Google Android and full open source platform with apps you would have imagined and also the able to play flash on any website with your normal browser.

  • Reason 7: Apple has not added a USB port yet

An USB port is still a charmer and benefits in many ways.Yes you get accessories to connect camera and what not but still a device with inbuilt USB is worth to own i suppose.I am actually looking for reasons still.One might able to connect a external portable hard drive to your iPad.

  • Reason 8: Apple has not added an external storage slot
  • Reason 9: You can save money for something more important

When you save money by not buying the new iPad you have choice to spend it on something that is more important to you or that makes you happy.


If you are not so eager to find the reasons not to buy the new iPad you would have noticed that there are only 9 reasons listed and where is the last reason well it is just in below ad which does not seem to persuade me to buy the new iPad.


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