5 Must-Have Apps for Writing

Writing can be extremely difficult. It requires a great deal of thought and preparation, and sometimes writers can suffer from writer’s block or simply become unmotivated.

Thanks to mobile devices, there are a few great apps that can help writers all across the globe find success. If writing is something that interests you, you need the following five apps.

1. Pages

Need a word processor on your mobile device? Pages is the answer. This app allows you to create, view and edit documents no matter where you are. The app works with iCloud automatically, so all of your files are easily backed up.

You can use templates to help write letters or create reports, and you can customize files with fonts and colors. You can also add images to your files, add footnotes, create pie charts and do much more with the app while on the go. You can even export your work or share it via email with others.

Clean Writer

If you always find that you’re distracted while you’re writing, use Clean Writer to help you. This app will eliminate the amount of distractions you face as a writer, and it will also minimize the amount of writer’s block you may experience.

With the app, you can view only the text so that you’re not distracted with other formatting or widgets. You can even take items from cloud to make edits and upload it anywhere, which is great for on-the-go editing.

3. Chronicle

Chronicle also provides you with great features and tips for your writing. Choose fonts and color schemes, add photos and adjust dates. You can even change the size of your photos simply by pinching them, and you can use the calendar to keep track of writing progress or assignments.

If you want to keep your work private, Chronicle allows you to password protect your app, and you can even export certain entries and documents via email or directly as a website.

4. Grammar

The Grammar app teaches you all about the rules and regulations that revolve around english grammar. You can easily learn how to format sentences and use the correct parts of speech,  and you can take tests to determine your knowledge.

View tutorials to learn the different function of different grammar and then take small tests to determine what you learned, and ests can be taken in multiple choice format.

The app contains over 200 different tutorials and was designed to improve scores on proficiency tests. Plus, it may even help you gain a bigger vocabulary.

5. My Writing Spot

Work on your book or story from anywhere. My Writing Spot makes writing easy, especially while on the go. If you have pages of work stored on multiple places, My Writing Spot can easily keep everything in one central location for you to access and work on when possible.

So when it comes time to writing, whether while at home or on the go, know that these five apps can make your writing experience that much better. Everything from learning sentence structure to accessing data will easily make you a better writer, so make sure to snatch up these apps.

James Turner is a college student, blogger and power user of Grammarly the best grammar checker on the web.


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