5 Jobs That Are Being Replaced By Machines

It used to be easy to find a job. Companies everywhere were looking to hire competent, hard-working people with the necessary skills to do the job correctly and do it well.

Nowadays, it’s quite a bit of a different story. Jobs are nearly impossible to come by, and many people who once had great jobs have been let go and replaced with machines that can do the same job at a much lower cost.

Having grown up with a mother who worked in medical transcription, I’ve seen it happen first-hand. Many companies are making the investment into machines that can now do the work of humans, leaving people who have always had a steady job with nothing left to do.

If you work in one of the following industries, or are planning to enter it anytime soon, think again. These are 5 jobs that used to be performed by people, that are now being done with computers or machines.

Bank Tellers

While a job in banking used to be considered a great career path, computers can now do everything a person needs to do in terms of personal banking. With the exception of bankers who need to help future homeowners open mortgages or businesses take out loans, there’s really little need for human bankers anymore.

Think about bank tellers. What do you go to a bank teller for? Deposit checks, take out a large chunk of cash, make a cash deposit. You can now do all of these things online from the comfort of your own home, so why would you ever go to a bank? The banks are noticing – and are quickly doing away with human positions in many locations worldwide.

Travel Agents

In the good ‘ole days of just about 10 years ago, people who wanted to go on an exotic vacation would usually work with a travel agent to help them book their trips.

Now, people can simply jump on their computers, head to a vacation booking site, and start booking away. You can make plane or train reservations, hotel reservations, rental car reservations and sometimes even restaurant reservations online now. Bye-bye, travel agents.

Cash Register Operators

In many of the major chain grocery stores, the checkout people are quickly being replaced with self-checkout machines.

Self-checkout can be much quicker than going to a person, depending on how fast the people may work, and oftentimes there are shorter lines at the self-checkout machines. It’s also much more secure for the store – no cash registers means no easy access to cash stores. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s safe, and it’s a technology that’s quickly doing away with the people who man the actual registers.


Think about all of the hundreds of thousands of people that used to be employed at manufacturing plants or on an assembly line.

Well, enter the world of technology and machines and suddenly you eliminate the need for all of those people and replace their positions with machines that are quick, more efficient and more cost-effective at performing the work. No more assembly lines – it’s all just a bunch of machines now, and maybe a person here or there who can operate and maintain those machines.

Telephone Operators

When something used to go wrong with a new piece of equipment that was just ordered or purchased, or anything new that was just purchased for that matter, people would pick up the phone and call the customer service number listed on the product to figure out what the problem was.

Now, all of the information we could ever possibly need about virtually everything in the world can be found on the Internet. A simple Google search will return the same information that a telephone operator used to be able to give us. Next time you call a customer service number looking to speak to a person, keep track of how long it takes you to actually get to one.

Automated systems lead you from one branch to the next to the next – until you finally reach a person. That’s because so few of them are there anymore.

Carly Stottheimer is a freelance writer who loves technology, and can see why it’s quickly becoming the norm in the workplace in place of human jobs. She just hopes that people using computers and machines to do work for them have good security systems in place, like Bit9 linux server security, to keep their business’ information protected.


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