5 Apps Every Traveling History Buff Will Love.

There are two interests that always seem to coincide: travel and history. After all, you can’t go out and experience much history unless you’re willing to travel. And if you’re a travel buff without a keen interest in history, you might notice that the more you travel, the more you want to learn about the places you’re visiting.

The problem? Traveling isn’t always easy, and neither is hunting down history while you’re traveling. In order to cut down on that problem, there are Apps that every traveling history buff will love – and we’ve put together a list of five of them to get you started. Just don’t get carried away and start blowing all of your money on airfare.

History: Maps of the World

This App is focused on giving you maps from times past. If you’re a frequent traveler, these are not the maps you’ll want to use in navigation. But they might help you to navigate through history as you learn how the political boundaries in centuries past actually differ from those of today. The more you understand about the changing borders of the world, the more you’ll realize it when you travel through exciting historical visit opportunities.

Time Travel eXplorer London

If you ever get to visit London – and which experienced traveler doesn’t – then you’ll want to check out this App that steers you through the modern city by giving you its historical context. The App will give you maps of old London as well as act as a personal guide while you’re doing your regular tourist routine. The beauty? You don’t have to spend so much money on tour guides when you have one in your pocket.

Street Museum: Londinium

Though we were done with London? If you’re an experienced traveler, there’s a chance you weren’t, either. You can go even further back in time with the Street Museum: Londinium App that allows you to stroll through London from the eyes of an ancient Roman. This is great for you antiquity/travel buffs who want to explore a little more deeply than do your tourist counterparts.

Chicago Gangland Tour

Stateside, there are few apps as interesting and surprisingly engaging as the Chicago Gangland Tour, an App that will steer you through one of the world’s most trafficked and well-traveled cities as you explore its history during the gangster explosion in the 1920s. You can also investigate more detailed context behind each sight in order to customize your own experience.

Boston Freedom Trail App

Many trips between the United States and Europe will inevitably go through Boston, which is why you’ll want to be aware of the Boston Freedom Trail App if you’ve got a few hours on a layover to kill. This App goes through American revolutionary history and provides you the context that helped shape Boston into what it is today. If you’re a history buff who knows his American revolution, you might be surprised to find what kind of sites you never expected to see.

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