4 Online Technologies to Help You Boost Rankings

Online success differs little from offline success, and that includes the attributes required to achieve the status associated with someone who has achieved their goals. More and more people are finding it easier to succeed in both their business and personal lives thanks to the diversity of opportunities available. One thing that’s necessary for success regardless of where it happens is hard work. But there are attributes that are associated with each as well.

Having a talent is more than just recreational. It can prove a common online thread between you and a potential new client or virtual assistant. Don’t be afraid to mention your artistic interests and hobbies, like drawing, karaoke singing, swing dancing, or even something that you avidly collect, such as stamps or coins. You’d be surprised how often people share common interests and never know about it because no one mentioned it.

Other attributes are just as necessary for success, like self-discipline, quickly adapting to new environments, and clear communication. Legendary pop star Kurt Cobain once said, “The worst crime is faking it.” But sometimes it’s necessary to, as my Aunt Jo used to say, fake it until you make it. If those aren’t traits you possess naturally, fortunately apps and other online technologies can help it look like you possess them.

Here are some technologies that helped me, and if you’re in the same situation I was in, hopefully you’ll find them useful as well.


One of the keys to success is having goals, and practicing the good work habits to achieve them. Regardless of what they are, you’ll need to have a way to organize your thoughts and plans. Evernote is a great app for this because it syncs between devices, allowing you to update with your smartphone and then immediately access that information on your laptop computer or iPad. Once your notes are written out, you can use the software to organize everything into an outline and get to work at achieving your ambitions.

Social media

Another key to success is having the support of your family and friends. One way to obtain this is through social media. Twitter isn’t just for reading updates about when your favorite musician will be performing next, and Facebook has more use than just playing games that require frequent visits to harvest crops or feed virtual pets. And if you lack emotional backing from family and friends, a Facebook Page for your business allows you to build a closer audience with your customers or clients, something which also helps build a solid foundation of support.


One of the keys to success that is my favorite is to be ready to learn anything, even if you don’t think it applies to your ambitions. I love to learn, but I’m not talking about the kind of learning you’ll find in a classroom. There are as many life lessons to help you achieve your goals as there are universities, and blogs are a great way to learn about a diverse number of topics. Even regular visits to websites like www.locksondemand.com that offer reviews and advice for using the latest technological gadgets is a great way to learn things you may not have known before. One of the blogs I follow has nothing to do with my professional goals, but offers advice on grilling foods so that they taste as if they were cooked at a 5-star restaurant.


Internet broadcasting is an entrepreneur’s best friend, when used correctly. I subscribe to as many podcasts as I do blogs, which is quite a lot. One of my favorites is hosted by affiliate marketing guru James Martell. Because he and his wife gave their children a good foundation of what it meant to work online, his son Justin was inspired to obtain his goal of managing for one of the largest computer retailers in Canada. In fact, I’ve heard so many great speakers and hosts across the internet that one of my long-term goals is to start my own weekly podcasts.

Of course, the most essential things you’ll need to achieve your goals have nothing to do with technology, like keeping a positive attitude, being willing to practice patience, and having the flexibility to adapt your plans when life throws a kink into your schedule.

Melissa Cameron wears many hats including freelance author and wife, but her favorite title is Mom. However, having children didn’t hold her back from her dreams at all. She still became a published author; it was just online instead of on the shelves of her local bookstore. Whether she’s writing about accessories like iPad floor stands or ways to keep two young girls entertained while waiting for a dentist appointment, she puts her heart and soul into everything she writes.

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